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The clear favourite at the start, Madonna's 'Like A Prayer' topped the pops in 1989 with 39 ticks. Cor! 'Ferry Cross The Mersey' on the other hand, got fewer ticks than either of the Jive Bunny megamixes, oh dear. Today's year was so good, er... James Blunt wrote a song about it? Perhaps he was a big fan of G4ry Gl1tt3r? Behold! It's 1973.

[Poll #1129274]

(If you haven't been following them, check out [livejournal.com profile] freakytigger's Popular entries for 1973!)
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August saw 'Toxic' walkover the 2004 vote, with 33 ticks, whilst even Band Aid 20 got more ticks than Brian McFadden. Ha! Today we have a curious mix of soap stars, charity singles and... Jive Bunny. It's 1989!

Now that we're toge-ther, TOO-GEEH-THER, I wanna SHOW you... )
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Way back at the end of July, you voted Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers the pick of '56, with 'Why Do Fools Fall In Love' gathering 18 ticks. Fast forward 48 years to the death throes of Pop Idol and the birth of McFly. Ladies and gents: 2004!

[Poll #1042742]
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Aeons ago, the 1998 poll saw a suprise victory for Cornershop's 'Brimful Of Asha' with 39 ticks under its belt, whilst Boyzone were down in the dumps with just one measly tick. This week we trundle back to gentler times... Or are they?

[Poll #1030879]
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Oooooo-oo-ooooo-oo! 'Baby Love' was the top of the ticks for 1964, Diana & co just beating the Kinks and Sandie Shaw. The Bachelors didn't get a single vote, and will slomp off home infront of the telly with a microwave meal for one. Between all of them! This week we bid adieu to Girl Power, welcome back Madge and ponder the ultimate question: what would one resemble with a 'chimney' bestowed upon one in the near future? It's 1998!

[Poll #1002381]
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Last time, Marc Bolan and his dinosaurs topped the pops of 1971, with Get It On grabbing 29 ticks whilst poor old Mungo Jerry only got two. Onwards now, to a classic year for pop - moptops, boy bands and Cilla Black? It's 1964...

[Poll #993871]
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Last week was a high scoring battle with poptimist perennial Billie Jean eventually grabbing 42 ticks to win the premium pop year of 1983 - Rod Stewart's Baby Jane is the highest scoring loser so far* with respectable 7. Yet MORE Rod this week - will the tick fatigue set in? Only YOU can decide! It's 1971.

[Poll #981484]

*I totally haven't checked this.
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Last time on the #1 polls, 2002 saw the battle of the girlbands, with Sugababes narrowly pipping Gels Alahd to the post, with Freak Like Me getting a massive 41 ticks. Now dudes, its time to rewind twenty years - oh man, I've been looking forward to this year for ages. Boyband FITES! Yazoo covers getting the wobs top spot! Dave Bow-tie rescuing his career! Put your hands up for 1983!

[Poll #977180]

Argh sorry dudes, managed to post this twice. Re-tick pls!
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I know it's early, but wipe the cobwebs from your eyes and crack your knuckles out, it's another Number Ones poll!

Last week the Shadows rocked the bottom with their Apache song to claim the crown of 1960 ticky-love. Poor Me? Poor you, Adam Faith! Not a tick to be had for him. But without further ado, lets find the best number one of 2002! Plenty of Pop Idol action, plus double dosage of Ver 'Loife in case you'd been missing them. And what's this? Blazin' Squad and Atomic Kitten? It's like teen pop never died, kids!

[Poll #973612]
(Daniel Beddingfield was no.1 in 2001 as well so he's been left off here)
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Ahaaa! ABBA just missed out on being the top pick of 1977, losing to Giorgio Moroder and his Donna Summers by one little tick! This week we trundle back to crooner central as the boys take charge of 1960:

[Poll #968044]
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Last week's pop pinnacle poll placed Take That AND Coolio as the joint best picks of 1995, with 35 ticks each. Tie-breaker below! This week: The King Is Dead, God Save The Queen? It's 1977 and not a Sex Pistol in sight!

[Poll #959505]

(never let it be said that [livejournal.com profile] poptimists is short of polls...)
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Last week's journey back into the murky origins of the UK singles chart saw a clear win for Lita Roza's tribute to canine consumerism. 'How Much Is That Doggie In The Window' needed a mere 7 ticks to claim the crown of 1952/3. That's that out of the way! This week we have the year of battles: Blur v Oasis, Robson v Jerome, Coolio v Michelle Pfieffer. It's 1995!

[Poll #954791]
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I've decided to resume the #1s polls for no better reason than that I am a completist and it pains me to see a half-finished list. We're over half-way, so press on we must.

Way back in December you voted Dead Or Alive your favourite number 1 of 1985, beating Madge and the Pet Shop Boys to a grand total of 45 ticks. The Crowd's You'll Never Walk Alone charity effort fared least well. Number one polls in reflecting canon results shocker!

The official charts kicked off in November 1952, when a list of the top 12 singles sold in a handful of record shops was published in the NME. This may seem a bit rub but according to your friend and mine Wikipedia there wasn't really a reliable chart until 1969, so YA BOO SUCKS to h8tas. Anyway, I've combined 1952 and 1953 to make sure there is a ticky or two to be had...

[Poll #950264]
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Throw your hands up at me! Last week you picked Destiny's Child as your top number one of 2000, just pipping Kylie and Britney with 36 ticks. Unsurprisingly Westloife were shunned by you all. This week - oh man! Could this be the best year for number ones that we've had so far? Just typing it out has had me going "OMG!" every two seconds. 1985, people!

Music can be such a revelation, dancing around you feel the sweet sensation... )
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Last week Marvellous Marvin and his Gayers topped the ticks of '69 with 29 smackers for Heard It Through The Grapevine. Marmalade trailed in last with just 3. That's what you get for covering the rubbishest Beatles song! This week it's a new millennium and we have an ENORMOUS amount of songs for you to choose from, largely thanks to the major labels cottoning on to the fact that they could buy up a bunch of 99p singles themselves and propel their latest act straight to the top. But corporate spending power is no match for the legion of Manics fans...

[Poll #876983]
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Eurovision winners ABBA claimed a deserved victory in last week's battle of 1974, with Waterloo gaining 30 ticks. In news that will shock no-one, G4ry Gl1tter only got one brave tick to come in last. Now rewind five years - this is not just a number ones poll. This is a hand-typed, decade-closing poll, sourced from organic ingredients with sprinklings of pop perfection and sensuous if mucky whispering. It's 1969!

[Poll #872461]
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A thrilling conclusion to last week's number ones poll saw Ace Of Base pip 2 Unlimited to the 1993 crown by two votes. Unsurprisingly the large pink blob suffered badly. This week's poll is dominated by dodgy male singers but sprinkled with pop gems nonetheless. Don your sparkly blue caps kids, it's 1974!

[Poll #867293]
*For some reason I left BOTH of these off the 1975 poll! Shocking, isn't it.
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Given that no-one really knew what was going on in 1957, Jerry Lee Lewis did pretty well to snab 22 ticks! Something a little more recent this week, and BlimeX0r! Noel's House Party seemed like quality television, there was a sudden new trend for sparkly eyepatches, and the 'Tlimited straddling the number one slot (hur hur hur) for FIVE WEEKS! It must be 1993!

[Poll #862080]
*This had on it:
Somebody To Love (G.Michael/Queen)
These Are The Days Of Our Lives (G.Michael/Queen/Lisa Stansfield)
Calling You (G.Michael)
Papa Was A Rolling Stone/Killer (G.Michael)

It's a bit early in the morning for tickyboxen but s0d it.
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1981 was a veritable tick-orgy with the pride of place going to the Human Leg, who got 100% tickylove with 49! Marc Almond & Adam Ant couldn't quite keep up. Whilst Imagine garnered the most hatred in the comments box it was poor old Julio Iglesias who sadly scored lowest with his overlooked cheesebox masterpiece. This week we have two versions of the same song, oooh-weee-oooh just like Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis having trouble keeping it in his trousers. 1957 people, c'mon!

[Poll #857170]
(*JLL added onto 1957 thanks to erroneously being missed off the 1958 poll. Sorry Jez!)
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Last week the Sugababes pushed the Poptimists' buttons to ensure an easy victory for best number one of 2005, with 30 ticks. Steve Brookstein got a big fat zero. Whatevs Steve! This lunchtime it's time to rip off those Eurovision skirts and paint a white stripe across your nose! It's 1981!

[Poll #852811]

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