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HELLO IT'S MONDAY, THE CHARTS HAVE JUST BEEN RELEASED THIS IS ALL VERY EXCITING. Honest. Sorry, I should have done this before but regretfully fail at knowing which month it is, let alone what day. Many thanks to the vigilant [livejournal.com profile] koganbot for reminding me.

This week we have a half-arsed trio of songs that makes you realise you really should have listened to '808s and Heartbreak' by now.

[Poll #1323831]
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I imagine most of you are off on holiday somewhere at the moment, but for those of us wearily pressing F5 at work, here's this week's chart poll, which includes the least surprising Christmas No.1 ever and a Beyonce track from last year.

[Poll #1320352]

Remember, all the chart polls are open until the end of the year, so if you've changed your mind about anything you can go back and tick/untick the polls here. Also, don't forget to send your top 10s of the year to leagueofpop@gmail.com!
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Leona's still on top - news that will shock you to your very core, I am certain.

[Poll #1315468]

Non-xmas bonkers re-entry watch: Dido's White Flag in at 82. Grans all over the country will be delighted with their gift of an mp3 I am sure.
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A brand new number 1 for Leona - good news, it's not the karaoke version! Elsewhere, 'Womanizer' moves up to 3, and there are some surprising re-entries for Will Young and Miley Cyrus (both jumping 30-odd places each - I assume they've been on the telly in the last week).

Last week's top ten poll was won by Beyonce, with Girls Aloud close behind.

[Poll #1311497]

Christmas mentalism watch: as well as Mariah (17), The Pogues (19) and Wham (36), we have Basshunter's 'Jingle Bells', Shakin' Stevens, Wizzard and Slade all in the top 50, plus Perry Como, Band Aid and Chris Rea in the top 75. It's only going to get worse next week...
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We have a new #1! Take That go straight in at the top spot, Beyonce's down to 2.

[Poll #1307186]

*I think this originally charted last year so still counts for poll purposes? No obligation to tick it, anyway.

Xmas watch: As well as Mariah, people have been buying enough copies of Wham!'s 'Last Christmas' to bump it up to 67, and the Pogues & Kirsty climb up to 44.

End times watch: the karaoke version of Leona Lewis covering Snow Patrol is still lurking in the low 50s :( :(

EDIT: Oh I've 4rsed that up good and proper haven't I? Of course I mean 'Greatest Day' for the first option of the second question.
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Beyonce has knocked the X Factor off the top! Alas there's little else of note going on in the chart this week, with only three new entries (for some value of 'new').

[Poll #1303917]

Xmas watch: 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' is steadily climbing, while 'Fairytale Of New York' is in at 62. There may be other festive stuff going on between 76 and 100 but for some reason the OCC website hasn't updated itself this week, and the Yahoo chart only goes up to 75. Sorry!

(also, apologies for the lateness of the poll - I'm off work this week)
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X Factor hand-wringing still at the top, TI moves up to number 2.

[Poll #1298887]

Lower Reaches watch: It's officially Christmas! How do we know this? Because 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' is in at no. 59. Elsewhere in Mariah-world we have three other hits of hers in the top 100 thanks to last weekend's X Factor, with 'Hero' finally trumping Enrique in the Battle Of The 'Hero's with a firm position of 67.
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Blimey! A bumper crop of new entries this week, with four lovely ladies barging their way into the top ten. None of them have knocked off the X Factor mess at the top yet, but give it time...

[Poll #1294584]

Bizarre re-entry watch: last week a competitive singing television programme had a disco theme which explains Blondie at no.91, but why is 'Mr Brightside' by the Killers in at 60? In the battle of the 'Hero's, Enrique is now ahead of Mariah (94 and 100 respectively), but expect that to change after Mariah's triumphant pulverising of everyone else on Saturday's X Factor...
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The X Factor chaps have knocked Girls Aloud off the top spot. Get used to it - they're sure to be hanging around for a while.

[Poll #1290378]

Halloween bonkers re-entry effect: as well as Jacko, Ray Parker Jr's 'Ghostbusters' is straight in at 49, and the Monster Mash is at no.60!

Bonus mistakenly downloaded track watch: Mariah and Enrique's completely separate and different (sort of) 'Hero' songs are at 80 and 93, and the Chris Cornell song from the last Bond film is at 86. Oh dear, there must be a fair few 79ps gone down the drain there!
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We have a new number one! That makes it 18 singles going straight into the top ten for Girls Aloud (only their third #1, mind), round of applause there.

[Poll #1285924]

Bonkers re-entry watch: Purple Rain by Prince. Any ideas?
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Here's the top 50 of the year, worked out by a complicated formula involving the number of votes each song got and its percentage of the total vote for that week. Er, complicated in that I just timesed them together and multiplied by 100? Anyway I've kept all the figures in there (votes / percentage / score) so you can make your own minds up.

I'm Miss American Dream, since I was seventeen... )

Remember you can go back and change your vote in any of these polls! If your favourite track isn't getting enough love, here's your chance to convince everyone to do just that! Alternatively if you wish to bemoan the state of UK pop then the comments box below is available for some wailing/teeth-gnashing action.
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Pink has hung on to the top spot, fighting off stiff competition from a comedian in drag and last year's X Factor dude (Same Difference were ROBBED why yes I am still bitter).

Probably-X-Factor-related re-entry watch: Boyz II Men's 'I'll Make Love To You' in at no.89, U2's 'With Or Without You' at no. 66.

[Poll #1281810]
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Pink is still at #1, MIA is still at #21, and after a fortnight of plenty this week's new entries are returning to a mere handful...

[Poll #1277707]
Baffling re-entry watch: Cyndi Lauper is in there at no.90 with 'True Colors'! Any ideas why?

Later on today I might post a round-up of the AYIP results for the year so far - remember you can go back and tick something in any of the polls, just click on the 2008 tag. If you want to untick something that's fine too! Click on the poll link (where it says e.g. 'Poll #39517958') then click 'Fill Out Poll' to withdraw that erroneous Katy Perry tick change your answers.
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Pink's shoved Kings Of Leon off the top spot, and everyone's favourite bassline trio Platnum have scored their second top 40 hit, hurray! I'm glad to see they've kept the geeky body-popper dude for this video...

[Poll #1273305]
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Kings of Leon and Katy Perry might still be holding tightly on to the top of the chart, but what's this? TEN new entries in the top 40? Is it 2001 or something? We've got the Bond theme, the Boots theme, double Jonas action and Kanye is...singing?

[Poll #1268962]

Top 100 ancient pop re-entries watch: this week it's The Source & Candi Staton, Bette Midler, and Leon Jackson's X Factor single from last year (er who the hell is buying that???). Blimey.
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Sorry it's late dudes! This week sees barely anything new going on in the top 10 at all, and me feeling very stupid for not realising that P Diddy was just giffing on over a Jay-Z track instead of being a musical genius etc etc. I blame it all on the fact that I am HORRENDOUSLY busy (which has also meant a rather hasty poll, sorry if I've missed anything out).

[Poll #1265404]
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Ladies and gentlemen we have a new number one! We truly are living in exciting times when Kings Of Leon can get to the top spot. Hmmm.

Elsewhere, Miley is slowly sneaking up towards the top 10, Skepta's Rolex Sweep enters at no.89, and Bonnie Tyler is this week's inexplicable new entry at 57 thanks to Total Eclipse Of The Heart being cheaply dubbed over that Phil Collins gorilla advert.

[Poll #1259888]
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For once there's a reasonable number of new entries this week, phew. Who'd have thought we'd be nostalgic for the turbulent charts of the early 2000s? But are any of these fresh new hits good enough to quench the pop thirst we developed over the summer drought?

[Poll #1255714]
Rest of chart news: Katy Perry's still at number one, and look - what's this? Paper Planes has popped up at no.69! About blimmin' time if you ask me.

  • Congratulations are also in order to THE TING TINGS who won this year's Lex 20p Indie Prize by a clear margin of 5 whole votes. Why not go and watch their most recent video? I think it's pretty good!
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    Katy Perry still at the top, five Metallica tracks in the top 100 and Miley finally gets her hit...

    [Poll #1251664]

    Longevity watch: Gabriella Cilmi's 'Sweet About Me' has now been in the top 40 for 25 weeks, Sam Sparro's 'Black & Gold' has notched up 23 weeks, and Nickelback's 'Rockstar' is still hanging around after 11 months (but not continuously - it took a summer holiday in the nether regions of the chart in June/July). Blimey!

    p.s. Thanks again to Moggy for doing last week's poll! My holiday was lovely, thanks :)

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