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To celebrate 60 years of the UK Charts, DJ Chlorine and The Barnet Ape will be playing all #1s all night – all the boshingest chart-toppers from Aqua to Zager & Evans.

Superstar Guest DJS: Tome Wing and Bob Stanley.

WHERE: Downstairs @ Ryan’s Bar, 181 Stoke Newington Church St
WHEN: Friday 30th November 2012, 8pm-1am
(Facebook event link)

Seeya there dudes!
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Pop music! Dancing! Drill-n-bass remixes of Carly Rae Jepsen!
All the details here.
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Heads up, London dudes!

Poptimism presents... CLUB ACTION!
Friday, 14 September, 8pm-1am
Ryan's Bar, Stoke Newington Church St, N16 0UL

Pop music, dancing and proper beer. FREE ENTRY. Tell your friends!

(Facebook thing)
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Rachel Stevens is breaking out of prison just to attend tonight's LAST EVER POPTIMISM:

The rest of you have no excuse!
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Olly Murs aka 'the one who came 2nd in last year's X Factor who looked a bit like Will Young and wore a hat' is at #1.

[Poll #1615573]

Dudes the LAST EVER POPTIMISM is this Friday! You know the drill - Horse Bar, free, 7-12ish, POPMAGEDDON.
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Cor, the charts have woken up after the Bank Holiday weekend! Taio is straight in at number 1, Hurts finally get a chart placing for "Wonderful Life" (sadly not a cover of this).

[Poll #1613047]

Very important reminder: THE LAST EVER POPTIMISM is on Friday 10th September! 7pm-midnight(ish), Upstairs @ The Horse Bar, Westminster Bridge Road, across the road from Lambeth North tube. FREE ENTRY, decent beer and banging pop tunes! Come along and say hi :)
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Dudes! 20 hours left to vote in Heat #5 of 2004! Don't forget to add in your new favourite track for that extra tick...

Also POPTIMISM is next Friday! With a brand new resident DJ whose identity is as mysterious as a plate of fish fingers and just as boshing too :) Details here.
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Please refrain from not attending Poptimism this Friday!

It's an end-of-decade special, so we'll be playing all the best tunes from 2000-2009.

Horse Bar by Lambeth North tube, free entry, things kick off around 7ish. See you there!
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::: Poptimist Alert! Poptimist Alert! ::

As you all may know, the artwork at Poptimism Venue Cross Kings has gone from "I never thought I would miss the gurning orange fish" to "Absolutely Awful"! Proud Poptimists cannot let this continue. Therefore, we are proposing a poster extravaganza, to paper the walls with our favourite pop icons, both past and present, casting their benevolent and shexay eyes over the beautiful dancefloor action. So - this is a call for action! Bring all your pop posters and we promise to put them up with our extensive supplies of Blu-Tack - let's make the venue awesome, not snoresome! Speaking for myself - I can bring you a super-sized KAT-TUN poster, some Daleks taking over the earth, little Marc Almond in a black polo neck... and what else?? Much much more!!

If you might be stuck for posters, but have access to a printer, you can create amazing huge PDF rasterised prints via the Sect of Homokaasu R4sterb4t0r :D Yay!

:: End Poptimist Alert! End Poptimist Alert! :::

And if you're not coming -- why not tell us about your favourite posters? What was, or is, the longest running poster up on your walls? When, if ever, are you too old for posters? Who was the first pop star you put up on your wall? I myself, remember making extensive Pulp collages from pictures in Smash Hits. My favourite picture was Jarvis in a yellow Morris Minor. Now I am older, and wondering if it's inappropriate for a 26yr old PROFESSIONAL WOMAN to put up a poster of a Japanese boy-band on her wall. Is it? Let's talk pop posters! And - do they still make poster mags?

PS - I'll personally donate a prize on the night to anyone who can get me a better icon of the Reynolds Girls by close of play GMT today! Why is it so hard to find Reynolds Girls related pictures? Ch, internet, honestly. This xposted to my own journal a bit btw so apols for spam, crossover foax.
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So, half the world seems to be announcing exciting parties etc today (well they are on my flist anyway ;)), so i thought i'd better JUMP IN with the new Poptimism dates before yr diaries all get filled up. Following petitions from bangface and b-movie types we are now firmly ensconced on the FIRST FRIDAY of the month, viz:

Friday 2 February

Friday 2 March

Friday 6 April which also happens to be Good Friday and we are planning to do an ALL-DAYER possibly even including bands and games and everything.

May and June are provisionally 4/5 and 1/6 but they might be refurbing the upstairs room at some point, so we'll confirm these nearer the time.

We continue to be at the Union Tavern, we continue to be FREE and we continue to hope to run 7-12 at least...

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