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November's drawing to a close - time for all the DJs out there to start drawing up their Christmas Party playlists. Here's one for those revellers to "groove" to. This reached #3 on this day in 1981.

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This singer, who has a new album out this week, has been having hits for 20 years. This song entered the Top 40 at #12 this day in 1995, and if you play it you'll probably be humming the melody for the rest of the day...

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Rubbish band name. Rubbish song title. Excellent synth-pop song that could only have been from the early 80s. This reached #6 back in October 1983...

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This is one of my all time favourite songs. I loved it when I first heard it in 1990 (though I didn't understand any of the lyrics) and I still love it now. Peaking at #19 eighteen years ago today, this is Aztec Camera featuring Mick Jones...

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From 7 years ago this week, arguably the best pop-punk track ever to reach the Top 10. Turn up your volume for this one...

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This week, one of the one hit wonders of the past ten years that is rarely heard nowadays, a jolly little pop song that reached #2 (appropriately) this week in 1999...

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Two days early this week because I'm at a conference on Wednesday, this week's video is of an under-rated song - a cover version that turned a dull early 70s song into something quite special - that reached #25 today in 1991...

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Here we have one of those songs that could only have been a hit in the early nineties - it was 16 years ago this week when this entered the charts at #2.

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He's a moron, oh yes indeed. I wouldn't be all that surprised to see this song, which reached #4 this week in 1978, released in some form before the year is out...

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One of the songs, and videos, of the year so far has to be Weezer's 'Pork And Beans'. From this week six years ago, here's their previous single - a #29 hit complete with Muppets.

(That other one you're thinking of? - it never happened. It never happened. It never happened.)

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You all remember their big hit (otherwise known as "that Tony Blair song"), but how many of you recall the follow-ups.

Entering at number 21 on 3 September 1995, I give you D:Ream - 'Party Up The World':

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