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I've decided on the cheery theme of reaction to trauma. What I'm looking for are songs that detail the ways in which a person copes (or fails to cope) with traumas that originate in childhood or adolescence. There's a lot of this stuff in teenpop, but I'd like to broaden the scope as well.

Some examples )

There are lots of song about pain following a break-up, say, but what I'm looking for are lasting wounds, perhaps from childhood, that have healed over, opened up, healed over again. And the most points will go to the most unexpected expression of how this trauma has manifested itself. As I said once of Margaret Berger's "Robot Song," I'd like to be blindsided by pathos if possible.

You have NO limitations on the number of nominations.
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Paragon of reliability that I am, I have finally chosen a winner for Theme Songs: True Love Waits, a mere two weeks after I was supposed to.

Victory belongs to [livejournal.com profile] skyecaptain and his nominee, "Baby Baby" by Karina Pasian & Lil' Mama. (Teen girls telling boys to back off! A refrain proclaiming she's not a toy in your toybox! The line "if you can't see it through these jeans, then you won't see it up on me"! What's not to love?) So go ahead and choose a theme, Dave.
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I am looking for songs on the theme of Willingly Abstaining from Sex and/or Relationships Until You Find True Love or a Decent Man/Woman or Somesuch.

The rules:

- Nominate tracks you think (a) fit the theme, (b) are good, and (c) I may not have heard (or paid enough attention to, i.e. this is your chance to make me listen to Electrik Red again) before.
- I'm changing the rules so you can officially nominate three songs, since we didn't exactly have a bumper crop of participation last time. Feel free to mention more than your official three.
- For your official nominations, please provide an embed or link at which I can hear the full song (e.g. YouTube, LaLa, Last.fm, anything other than Spotify).
- You have until Friday to nominate a song, but songs can only be officially nominated by one person, so get in early.
- The song I judge to be the most thematically appropriate AND the most awesome will win, and the person who nominated it gets to pick next week's theme.

Songs I have already heard which fit this theme:

- Kelly Clarkson / Katy Perry, "I Do Not Hook Up"
- Roxane Shante, "Brothers Ain't Shit"
- Pussycat Dolls, "I Don't Need a Man"
- Solange Knowles, "I Decided, Pt. 1"
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So the response to my solicitation for songs about acts of revenge by women on men was very interesting, and thanks everyone who participated whether you ended up nominating a song or not - the response was quite different to what I expected but was probably all the more stimulating for that, and I was glad to get as much actual conversation and discussion about the theme as we did.

In the interests of getting the orgafun itself ticking over ASAP, I'll announce my winner now:

[livejournal.com profile] girlboymusic has won my heart with Ashlee Simpson's "Follow You Wherever You Go", which is a bit like if you took Eminem's "Stan" and mixed in bouncy bluesy basslines, handclaps and 60s call-and-response backing singers, and then got an adorably demented slurring Ashlee to front the whole operation. So you get to pick the next theme! Post it up yourself with a little commentary and perhaps some examples and we'll get going!

More of my thoughts )

Behold the fruits of my brain at 10am having neglected to sleep. I hope it is at least spelled correctly.
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On the theme of angry women:

Nominations please for the Best Songs About Women Getting Violent And/Or Creative Revenge On Men!

* You're aiming to nominate a song that is A) GOOD b) FITS THE THEME and C) YOU THINK I HAVEN'T HEARD YET

* Please OFFICIALLY NOMINATE one song only.

* Put your official nominations in BOLD, please.

* Please include some kind of a LINK whereby your nominated song can be heard! If it isn't easy for me to listen to your song I won't! Good methods for me are Youtube links and Spotify links, but anything else that works is fine, and I'll let you know if it doesn't!

* The BEST song that (in my judgement) FITS THE THEME WELL that I DON'T REMEMBER HEARING BEFORE will WIN, and the person who NOMINATED IT picks the next THEME.

* You may also mention additional songs - this is a good way to include classic songs which I probably already know. Other people may pick your suggestions as their official nominee, but unless this is done there is no guarantee I will listen to them, so please choose you ONE official nominee carefully! You don't have to provide links to songs you merely mention.

(man when did all youtube videos become unembeddable)

Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats (unembeddably: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxofSejV-7w)

Jazmine Sullivan - Bust Your Windows (unembeddably http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCgfgkrz_BA)

Blu Cantrell - Hit 'Em Up Style (unembeddably http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekIuWl-Ffq4)

Obviously I know others but we'll find out together which!

EDIT Oh and I guess I will stop accepting nominations on Friday night (unless it seems to peter out way earlier) and then render my OFFICIAL OPINION over the weekend.
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THING THE FIRST: I has a tumblr: http://meserach.tumblr.com/ I am given to understand that many of you also have tumblrs! We should totally follow each other and such. So, post your tumblr in the comments and I'll follow you. (I also has a twitter, and the same applies there: http://twitter.com/meserach)

THING THE SECOND: I will shortly,(hopefully later today depending on my level of amazingness) be starting a new Organised Fun thing for Poptimists which I am electing to call Theme Songs. The idea is, like when I asked you all for the best songs about telephones, we assembled, communally, a playlist of the best songs on a particular theme, e.g.

Best Songs About Creative Revenge On An Ex
Best Songs About Persuading A Person That Their Current Sexual Partner Is Inferior To Yourself

and so on and so forth.

What I am unsure about is what would be most fun to do with the playist once assembled. We can share the playlist itself around, put it on Spotify and such, but I am unsure whether it would be better to also:

a) stick all the songs in the playlist into one ticky megapoll a la all our other polls so we can vote for the "best" - this is fun obviously but also a bit vanilla and people may be ticked-out?
b) have a set up more like the League of Pop thing you guys did a while back where an individual listens to the whole list and rates the songs - this perhaps should be combined with a structure whereby the person who nominated the song which is chosen as best then gets to pick next week's theme.

So um; opinions?

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