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INDIE!! Methinks lovely Emily from this year's Big Brother may be a little confused about the newness (or not) of everyones favourite indie moppets - shall we help her out by picking out some highlights and lowlights, o poptimists? It's Shine Poll Eight: VOTE!!

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Yeah yeah canon, yeah yeah "what's in the charts these days", SNORE SNORE more like. As it's sunny today, I was reminded about the glorious SHINE POLLS that I stopped doing at some point last year - goodness knows WHY! I'm pleasantly surprised by how many of these songs are of course, BLUDDY GRATE, and I hope you are too! Fighting Fit! Beautiful Ones! And Lost Myself by perennial Shine Poll favourites The Longpigs could mean this is a tuff battle! I tried to wear slides like Manda Rin, but my hair is too tough and big for it to work properly, though it did mean that Claire's Accessories (Blackpool branch) made a lot of money out of my valiant attempt to buy cutesy hairclips. On with the voting!!

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The Now polls are all good and proper, aren't they? But surely, around the time of Now 29, Now 30, a new breed of compilation entered the arena. Taking as it's theme the indie big hitters from the Now Polls, the mighty SHINE series catered to a growing crowd of kids who were reading about a new thing called "britpop" in Smash Hits. If you ask me, SH! always seemed rather obsessed with Damon All-Bran's TIBETAN LOVE BEAD necklace. Ew.

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