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Apr. 1st, 2008 12:27 pm
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Some highlights from the last month (which was quiet - some good content but not that many big threads outside the weekly chart ones):

We all learn about frum rock.
Kat likes Westlife!
"Feministic" (like Lex I had Chanelle and Chantelle confused)
Listening FOR v listening TO
Sad Songs and their limits
Lex and Estelle start fires

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Well, that was January and here's what we jawed about (double size "also includes December" edition):

Pop and Sex - is modern pop a bit too saucy?
Records we aren't sure about
At long last it's the MANICS CANON
The compleat guide to mid-00s indie two-hit wonders aka
The ultimate Xmas artist?
Poptasticuk predicts the 08 hype
What makes a good pop star?
The things kids say! aka BBC Sound of 08 horror poll
A brief history of the recessive vocal
What we dug in 2007
Is Hannah Montana a bad thing?
Who are Scouting For Girls and can we eat them?
Nursery rhyme canon: the blackbirds died the weasel died
What is the secret of MUSIC X (featuring graphs)
Capital Creep and its discontents
Do try and keep up!

Let us now look to the future specifically TOMORROW NIGHT when it is POPTIMISM at the Cross Kings in Kings Cross. It will be very good.

Ordinarily at this point I would do a poll saying - what's the best thing you've heard all month? But this time I thought I'd ask you to tell me that in the comments. So, yeah, what's the best thing you've heard this month?
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It's the biggest poll of the year, started a week earlier than last year because I've realised I get to demob for Christmas spectacularly early this year, hurrah.

Basically, as last year, fill in the poll, and then the most nominated things will be presented in a series of other polls through the rest of December to determine 1x (or indeed 12x) winner. Easy! There's no specific 'closing date' on this poll, but obviously once we've voted on a category that's that.

EDIT: I fucked up and put "less" instead of "more" on the last question. So what I will do is ask both in the final poll, with the same nominations for each! Solved!

[Poll #1102127]

Where though is the single of the year/track of the year poll, surely the most important? Well, BECAUSE it's the most important it's going to be its own separate thing, results announced in the new year, so the voting for that won't start for quite a while.
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Here be a selection of posts you may have missed last month!

Your favourite British bands still making music today
Has punk made a lasting impression?
Should pop be 'cleverer'?
That MIA album dissected in full
Are the Pussycat Dolls setting back feminism by 100 years?
K-punk declares 'war'
Sterling pop science from Tom on 00's genres (contains graphs!)
Were you listening to Agadoo in 1984?
The first installment of Ultramix '95

Plenty of other top-notch discussion too: Orb v Orbital, [ profile] skillextric's Hits! reviews, multi-talented popstars, the 'unique' Radio 1 compilation striking fear into the hearts of the pop nation, Robyn at number one and the return of Britney...
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Some of the most interesting threads from last month:

The ethics of music listing on social networking sites
Where R UK female musicians plz?
Sinatra canon - "Does Poptimism only begin with rock'n'roll?"
Last.FM top artists - what does it all mean?
MARK MAH MIXTAPE: dubdobdee's youthmobb
Poptimists vs The Mercury
Pop On TV gordian knotfest
Amerie vs Rihanna
Suicidal! Suicidal!
What are words worth?

Lots of other good stuff - yesterday's convos about P5 and the sound of now, the 06 vs 07 chat on the Now poll, Kate Nash and Fergie howls in the Year In Pop - but one has to stop somewhere. Let me know if you think this kind of round-up is a good idea. (I might post it to FT too)

And now...

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