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Mean Moomin sez

What are they playing at this lot? Well pop world cup still winning the day, with expert commentary catching some extra listeners in its sinister (ho) indie web. Well done The Presets then. Outside the top 3 there is another spread of tracks with a reach of 4 and a surprise reappearance for The Stevens, and The Knife Band continuing to bubble under like some malevolent haunted presence....
Into the Moominvalley of death )
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Hi, Kelly Clarkson here. Sorry there was no chart last week - a boot to the head for the admins at last.fm who seem to have missed out an entire week of pop life in our charts. But here's the full run down for last week:
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Hello, Kylie here, just to say that my friends at Last.fm have been working round the clock to bring you the latest poptimists chart. AND I DO MEAN LATE!!!!!!!

After the last couple of weeks of widely played songs, this week sees poptimists splintering with the new number 1 and 2 only just ahead by a nose of a swathe of songe with a reach of 3. I don't know what to make of this, especially as I've not heard #2 or #1:
They're going mad )

I can tell you that I've been listening to the last.fm poptimists radio* and it's truly lovely. A smattering of your pop favourites with a SUSPICIOUS amount of indie and esoteric listening thrown in for good measure. They've obviously extended their play list as Rex Teh Dog came out of it the other day. MMMMMMM. I was very struck by Melody Club which also popped up. Somebody tell me about em - and which album i should buy

Bye bye til next week, love Kylie

*that link only works if you have the standalone player - go get it! nb i am not actually being paid for this advocacy, i just love it
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Pie Chart Filling )

Morningwood still at the top, but now sharing their slice of the pop pie at 9 plays each with Pop World Cup entries: Bodies Without Organs (yay the all conquering* swedes) and Sir Lancelot (plucky Trinidad/Tobago). England trailing behind in 4th place... BREAKING NEWS swedes swizzed as England qualify!! What mad science is this?

However winning on points - as predicted last week- are Teh Knife with FOUR songs. My that's almost an entirely new album there. I suspect that the mysterious TARWATER may feature here next week. SEE YOU THEN
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Another week and we have a real #1 in the form of Morningwood's "Nth Degree" which has a reach of 6 (out of 28 of us). I detect some stylus influence. As Morningwood is Dick (of Dick n Dom) 's favourite band we can truly say our chart is both POP and DICK friendly. (of course)

The real shock this week is that GIRLS ALOUD have been knocked off the artists chart for the first time in a month, and ROBYN is the new official (indie) queen of pop.

johnny Boy still going strong then. hein?

*nb the chart image has only just updated, hence the late posting. honest
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Stoopid me only just realised that this image changes every week (how else could it be??) so under here is the text version )

Amy still in the big writing at the top, but it's a joint #1 Joint places look like they are alpha sorted so my prediction that Bouncey would be this weeks #1 sort of came off. EXCEPT SORT OUT YR METADATA PPL - this is clearly not Density's Child, but Bouncey on her ownsome (well apart from that feat. there). Bad mp3 tags withstanding (naughty mp3 sharers in not caring about metadata shoXoR), Bouncey Knowles would not sort any higher than Amy Diamond i spose.

Anyway... *scans down the top 10 tracks*, Robyn, yup, Rachel, sure , The Chirpy Chappies, Ashlee, right... HANG ON

The Chirpy Chappies "Girl, You Know It's Shrewsbury". Not only is this transparently a "comedy record" only played 4 times by poptimists - but lastFM sez that only 5 ppl have listened to it ever. I SMELL A CHART FIX. Own up whoever you are.

Maybe when the UK charts first started in '52, Al Martino's agents spotted a flaw in the low sample size, that only 20 people were buying records anyway, and quickly went round and bought 5 copies of his smash "Here in My Heart" thus assuring an early sensation for the strange-haired crooner. This does not make it right.
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OK, so I only did this at the end of last week, but the LastFM charts, like all well-behaved charts, go from Sunday to Sunday, so that was late. So here is the new official Poptimists Top 10 for last week


Perhaps you are not familiar with Amy Diamond [website], but she does feature on Absolute Music (actually #48 no longer available there), which appears to be a Euro NOW series, and obviously someone in our (21-strong now!) last-fm group is keen on that one track. That rather good track list in full - with 3 previews of tracks for last-fm'ers

Pure poptimists fodder, as she is Swedish. Well done Amy.

My top prediction for next week? Bouncey fo sure.
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An unusal week for obvious reasons, and this week's "Iron Maiden - Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter" slot is filled by... ROOTS MANUVA:

poptimists Last.fm Weekly Tracks Chart

He's reet proper. Not yr typical Poptimists #1, but that's what Januarys are for. So when is that Jose Gonzales track out then?

Join us on http://www.last.fm/group/poptimists - i promise not to kick you off. Unless you are called Pete.

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