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The list of scoring tracks (those with more than one mention) and then everything nominated by anyone:

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The top six! Thanks to everyone who voted of course, and have at it in the comments box. Surprises? In content perhaps not, in ordering...?

6. DIZZEE RASCAL & ARMAND VAN HELDEN - "Bonkers" (109 points)

Probably the biggest Poptimism floorfiller of the year.

5. TAYLOR SWIFT - "You Belong With Me" (123 points)

Nindie Taylor fights Pop Taylor! I had to get Matt Fluxblog to explain what "bleachers" were to me!

4. DAS RACIST - "Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell (Wallpaper Remix)" (125 points)

OK so where exactly are you again?

Some votes not for the Wallpaper mix, incidentally.

3. LILY ALLEN - "The Fear" (140 points)

Embedding disabled on this video, which is lovely as you should remind yourselves. The only carryover from last year's list, it placed higher this year and hence qualifies.

2. SHAKIRA - "She Wolf" (148 points)

Embedding disabled on this video, which is also in its way lovely, that way being a little more awkward to watch in an open plan office. About a third of the votes were for "Loba", the Spanish-language version.

1. LADY GAGA - "Bad Romance" (169 points)

It was very close between the top three until the last ballot, but "Bad Romance" was in the lead more often than not. Well done Lady G - especially for sweeping the poll with a record out so close to year's end.

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Almost there! And we'll finish off after lunch.

Nos. 12-7 )
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24-19 )

Now we're in the Top 20 it seems a good time to ask for your PREDICTIONS and GUESSES, before it gets too obvious :)
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Coming to the end of the quirky, 2-3 person picks now...

30-25 )

Into the Top 20 tomorrow!
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Another half-dozen, and more to come later today.

Nos 36-31 )
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Rounding up a few lobbied-for cuts and subgenre faves here.

43-37 )

Tomorrow - 36-25!
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Hip-hop heavy stretch of the tracks poll - check back later this afternoon for 43-37.

50-44 )
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The next ten. Something for everyone here I'd say.

Nos 60-51 )
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The wait is over: THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY NINE tracks were mentioned in the votes for the Poptimists 2009 poll, and EIGHTY FIVE!!! of them got more than one vote. Today I'll be covering off the ones outside the Top 50 (so, erm, in the top 85) and for the rest of the week you'll be finding out answers to the crucial questions - what won? who got shafted by vote-splitting? WHERE DID "MY GIRLS" PLACE? And so on.

So here's 85-61. They don't get video links but if you love one of these tracks link it up in the comments, eh?

85-61 )

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RIGHT let's do this - I know many of you have lists of your favourite TRACKS of last year kicking around, and this poll is always a good opportunity to spread the love about songs, since it generally only takes 2 or 3 mentions to place.

Here's what you need to do.

1. Pick up to TWENTY favourite tracks of 2009 (though it can be fewer if you REALLY can't think of that many or just want to c+p a top 10)

2. Email your list to leagueofpop@gmail.com by THIS SUNDAY (the 10th January).

3. Expect lots of reminders between then and now.

4. Enjoy the cavalcade of results next week.

COULDN'T BE SIMPLER! I have honestly no idea what the winner will be too - how exciting.

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