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First of all the complete Top 50:

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And now the tracks which got 1 vote each:

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Here it is! The ten best tracks of 2008 according to YOUR votes.

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Thanks to all who voted - tomorrow I'll put up the full list and appendix (every song mentioned). Now let the debate begin!
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The hairy cornflake returns with Nos. 20-11 of your favourite tracks of the year.

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What powerhouse kept him out of the Top 10? Check back tomorrow when ALL will be REVEALED (and then at the weekend for the monster list of everything).
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Nos. 30-21 of your tracks of the year.

And a special bonus round of applause to two tracks from last year's Top 10 which qualified again this year: Miley Cyrus' "See You Again" would have come between #25 and #26, and M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" between #24 and #25.

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Tomorrow, things get see-ree-us as we enter the Top 20.
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Here's #s 40-31 of the poll: will it be as controversial as yesterday's Funky House Wars? Only YOU can decide :)

re. embedding: I've decided to keep on with the embedding where possible - people seem to like it on the whole. Apologies to anyone for whom this is an inconvenience - if it's a problem it's apparently possible to turn embeds off in your LJ settings.

And now - onwards!

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No.s 30-21 tomorrow! (at a slightly later time, I have a meeting in the AM)
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THE MAIN EVENT! These are #s 50-42 of the Top 50 as voted for by you (there's a tie at #40 so we'll see those tomorrow). Thanks to the miracle of embedding disabled by request you'll have to investigate some of these away from the comforting womb of LJ - sorry, it's The Man's fault.

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Check back tomorrow for #40-31!
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The Top 50 tracks of 2008, as voted by YOU (well, 41 of you) starts counting down tomorrow. If you want to know the tracks that almost made it, here they are - 67 songs qualified* for the countdown, and these are the 17 that didn't get enough points, on a handy YouTube Playlist.

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The results of the Poll so far:

ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Kanye West - 808s And Heartbreak
Runners Up: Santogold - Santogold; Scooter - Jumping All Over The World

Runners Up: Scouting For Girls; The charts being rubbish.

Runners Up: Katy Perry; Beyonce and Sasha Fierce; Autotune

VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Mariah Carey - "Touch My Body"
Runner Up: Blackout Crew - "Put A Donk On It"

Runners Up: Britney Spears; Morrissey

*sorry Mark!

At lunchtime tomorrow I'll close the leagueofpop@gmail.com inbox to Top 10 Tracks submissions, and then tomorrow evening I'll post the stragglers - those tracks which got more than one vote but didn't make the top 50. The main countdown will run all next 'working' week, and at the weekend the grand list of every single thing submitted will go up. Get your bitching fingers ready!
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As with the album, most horrible and most interesting thing, you get THREE votes across all categories.

To make it easier for you, here's a PLAYLIST of all 17 of the videos:


[Poll #1316050]

Remember also that the TRACKS OF THE YEAR POLL is open until the end of the year. Send a list your 10 favourite tracks, in order, to leagueofpop@gmail.com - it's the work of a moment!
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The poll for most interesting Pop Thing - as with the other polls we're doing this CANON STYLE i.e. you pick your three most interesting pop things from this list of all* the stuff that was nominated.

[Poll #1314032]

*except I removed noms which were about Poptimists itself, mostly to get it down to 15.
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As before* this is being done canon-style - you get THREE picks plus! whether you pick the X-Factor or not in the main poll you can take part in the special sub-poll.

[Poll #1312786]

*all polls will be open until the end of the year when official results will be posted.

And remember - send yr list of 10 top tracks to leagueofpop@gmail.com before the end of the year too.
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We're doing our end of year review CANON-STYLE, i.e. here are ALL the records that got nominated. You pick THREE of them (out of 26).

[Poll #1312190]

Remember to get your votes for the REALLY important poll (Top 10 Tracks) in to leagueofpop@gmail.com. I'm extending the deadline on this to the REAL ACTUAL end of the year, because I've realised I'm going to be incredibly stuffed for time next week whereas the first week of January is likely to be pleasantly quiet...

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