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These are the other songs people voted for.

12 points

Beirut - Nantes
Christophe Willem - Double Je (Remix)
Gowns - White Like Heaven
Gregor Tresher & Guy Gerber - Open The Gates
Justice - DANCE
Lily Allen - Knock Em Out
Matthias Sparlinger - Farben Der Fruhe
MIA - Bird Flu
Nickelback - Rockstar
Of Montreal - Heimsdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse
Princess Superstar - Perfect (Tonite Only Remix)
Shiina Ringo - Kono No Yo Kagiri (The Limits Of The World)
Spoon - Don't You Evah
Sugababes - About You Now
Ulrich Schnauss - Medusa
Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies - Can You Dig It

And the rest )
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Right, here's the full list - INCLUDING those tracks that got more than 1 vote but didn't place in the Top 40. The huuuuuuge list of tracks that got 1 vote only will follow in a couple of hours.

Poptimists Tracks Of 07 )
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No embedding means no need for a cut on these three...

6. MILEY CYRUS - "See You Again" (44 pts)

There doesn't seem to be a video for this, or at least it's not on YouTube - here is the "full length album version".

5. BRITNEY SPEARS - "Gimme More" (46 pts)

I'd never actually seen the video before! (embedding disabled). The whole grainy handheld cam thing is creepily Lynchian i.e. I WUZ RIGHT.

4. AVRIL LAVIGNE - "Girlfriend" (54 pts)

The Manichaean video has been embed-disabled: find it here!. Was in 3rd place for ages until a late surge for...[FIND OUT IN A COUPLE OF HOURS!]
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Taking us up to the VERY BRINK of the Top 10.

Nos 17-11 )
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Right there REALLY WILL be 2 parts of this today, 24-18 now then 17-11 later leaving us the TOP 10 to liven up your Monday.

ALSO: It is POPTIMISM tomorrow where we play only #1 hits from 1952 to the present day! It is from 8 to 2, at The Cross Kings near Kings Cross etc etc - you know the drill by now and if you don't then you can get to know the drill here.

Now on with the CHART.

Nos 24-18 )
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Nos.32-25 )

In a fit of work repulsion yesterday I wrote out the whole thing so you may well get another chunk of poll this afternoon and then I'll finish it tomorrow. Speculation etc all welcome.
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Tenderly compiled from the votes of about 40 people.

Nos. 40-33 )

Nos. 32-25 tomorrow!


Orga below cut )
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A double-header today - the prestigious Lifetime Achievement award, one careless owner in James Brown, and the contentious Argument of the Year award. Astute readers may notice the effects of the randomiser in these.

[Poll #1108552]

Meanwhile the TRACKS OF THE YEAR spreadsheet just keeps on GROWING. 118 different tracks named so far, with two acts getting FIVE different ones each. Send YOUR top 10 to leagueofpop@gmail.com before New Years to be counted.
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Next up in what may well prove a bumper day of polls is the relatively insignificant AlBUM of the Year award. Last year's winner was The Knife. What about this year?

[Poll #1108010]

(I am DYING for lunch so I'm not going to faff around finding the album covers, sorry for the boring unvisualness of this post)

AND A REMINDER: Get your 10 favourite tracks of the year to leagueofpop@gmail.com before New Year! The spreadsheet so far makes INTERESTING READING if you are 1xbig nerdxor like me.
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The fifth category is Act Of The Year - last year's winners Girls Aloud are up for it again but will face a fair degree of challenge I think. We didn't even need the randomiser for these nominees!

[Poll #1107455]

MOAR POLL FUN: send a list of your top ten tracks of the year to leagueofpop@gmail.com (more details here - all welcome, from admins to lurkers)
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Naturally I am posting this on a Sunday evening when a lot of people are out at a FEAST.

But luckily this is the easy kind of orgafun which requires very little orga at all so I can repeat these instructions on ANY POPTIMISTS POST EVER really.

Anyway, what I want you to do is:

1. List your ten favourite tracks of the year in order.
2. Send them to leagueofpop@gmail.com

That's leagueofpop@gmail.com in a handy email link.

They don't have to have been singles, they don't have to be "pop", I'm not going to be really strict about the 2007 thing either. Just send me the 10 tracks.

They will be scored - naturally - on Eurovision basis (12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1), but you don't have to think about that at all.


Deadline is New Year's Eve and I'll run a countdown in the new year.

Any questions?
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This was one of a couple of categories where one pick got a LOT of nominations, so we shall see if that translates into head-to-head success.

[Poll #1106005]

MOAR pollage on Monday though I don't know what it'll be. Details of the TRACK OV THE YEAR POLL coming later, or then, or at the weekend or something.
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A bit of a curious category in that obviously we've all been to different gigs. So by all means vote based on what you'd imagine the experience to be like!

[Poll #1105926]

Bonus YouTube Content so you can see for yourself )

Coming up l8r: most horrible thing!! Feel free to add late nominations to all categories that haven't come up yet: http://community.livejournal.com/poptimists/489167.html
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A specially mixed bag on this category which attempted to replace last year's unsatisfactory genre of the year. This mix of new genres, dubious developments and personal pleasures does a little better though!

[Poll #1105475]

Tomorrow: MOST HORRIBLE THING and LIVE ACT unless I change my mind. All polls are still open, check the link on the dance to poll.

Click below the cut for explanations in haiku form of what these are!

Trendz )
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LET THE POLL COMMENCE. I'll be posting a couple of these every weekday. First is "Best To Dance To", which unlike last year actually had several things getting nominations from different people so I barely had to use the randomiser Poptimizer.

[Poll #1105403]

All the other categories are STILL OPEN and you are encouraged to vote: http://community.livejournal.com/poptimists/489167.html

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