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Following a draw in one of the semi finals we have a three-way clash for the title of "Best Track Ever To Be In A Pazz And Jop Poll". Madge, Missy and Michael - choose wisely!

[Poll #933501]

And that wraps up the era of the monster polls, unless anyone can think of a new idea. But why would they, with the League Of Pop almost upon us (and plenty of canons to be done).
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Nissy vs Madge! Jacko vs Britney! Go go go!

[Poll #931988]

Turnout was down last round, maybe because of all the complicated extra questions (or maybe because people are sick of the poll - almost over now!), so I've kept this one simple.

Oh, comment away of course, but please no chat on the lines of "Who I will vote for in the final" :)
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Shave your head and get ahead! Britney pulled level with the Pets on the final vote leaving NINE tracks still in the running for today's poll (with bonus diagnostic questions!)

Into The FITE )

Have at it! The semi-finals will be on Wednesday most likely.
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Another four fites to take us down to 8 surviving tracks.

Buffalo FITE )

The remaining rounds will happen next week, and then at the end of the week we launch the LEAGUE OF POP.
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Into the last 16!

Like A FITE )

Reason, recoil, and repent in the comments.
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The second half of round 2!

I think for round 3 rather than trot through more one-on-one matches there might well be some kind of second group stage. We will see on Thursday!

FITE Town )

And now over to Lex for the spluttering with horror viewpoint.
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I've decided to do the second round in two big chunks, partly cos intuition tells me the RLY hard decisions will be coming up next round. Also it will take less time!

FITE Again )

Share your pop hearbreaks in the comments thread, go on.
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I rly rly cannot get my head round this presentation I'm editing, so I'm taking a 5 minute break and posting

Seeded Tracks On Their Way Out (by current voting totals)

4. Destinys Child - "Say My Name" (vs Joy Division)
7. Beyonce ft Jay-Z - "Crazy In Love" (vs "Push It")
15. Nelly Furtado - "Maneater" (vs Genie in A Bottle, this one very close)
17. Prince - "When Doves Cry" (vs New Order)
20. Britney Spears - "Oops I Did It Again" (vs Vogue)
23. Outkast - "Ms Jackson" (vs Cameo)
24. Destiny's Child - "Independent Women Pt 1" (vs "Bootylicious" in fact!)
26. Blondie - "Call Me" (vs Kate Bush, may well swing back)
27. En Vogue - "My Lovin (Never Gonna Get It)" (vs Nirvana)
28. TLC - "No Scrubs" (vs GnR)
29. Prince - "Raspberry Beret" (vs Sister Sledge)

Beyonce/DC love somewhat brittle, it seems!
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The last 8 contenders for your polling pleasure.

Groove is in the FITE )

All polls still open until after the weekend, so if you've missed any you can go back and tick, (though I've not really tagged any of them, sorry!)
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Here we are again!

Girls Just Wanna Have FITES )

Tomorrow - last few fites, Kate Bush in action both real and sampled, plus Britney, Blondie, Sinead and more.
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Nothing hugely dramatic in yesterday's fites - possibly today's will generate more conflict!

Sweet FITE Of Mine )

Tomorrow: Breeders, Jacko, Eminem, and more from Madge.
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A couple of intriguing cross-generational match-ups today, and whatever happens, one Destiny's Child record is going to get the chop.

Baby One More FITE )
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Today's pack of four.

JustiFITE And Ancient )

Monday: Britney, Beasties, Destinys squared, ABC, ETC.
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Another batch of polls - the last two Prince tracks (well, the last two Prince tracks performed by him) and several Now poll heavyweights getting another title shot.

WannaFITE )

Coming tomorrow - FOUR 00s seeds up against Salt N Pepa, Xtina, the KLF and Cameo.
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These are the other polls that should have gone up yesterday - today's fites will be up this afternoon (at about 3, if you're desperate!)

FITEshake )

I won't finalise the results until this round is over, but it looks like both Madonna songs, "1999", "Temptation" and the Missy record are all through.
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I have a day off today, which is grebt, but I forgot to note down the various FITEs for today's poll. So no poll. EXCEPT! I can remember the very next one - because it is an MONSTER.

So this is the televised centre court pick-of-the-round tie, if you like.

Get Ur FITE On )

Crikey! Maybe this afternoon I will do the rules for the League Of Pop. Or maybe I will go and get a haircut.
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Arduous qualifiers completed, it's now time for the songs that made it through to get horrifically mangled in the tournament proper.

One fite, one vote.

FITE a Prayer )

Coming up - Pulp, Kelis, Missy, Kelly Clarkson, MORE Prince...
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The last bunch of qualifiers for the last four places.

Voting's now closed in batches 6 and 7, and the following go through (deep breath): Utah Saints, New Order, ABC (beating Kylie! by one vote!), Xtina, Outkast, MIA (beating Stardust in a brutally tight group), Daft Punk (overhauling Missy) and Little Red Corvette.

Get This FITE Started )

Next week - the actual tournament kicks off, with the top seed in action.
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The penultimate qualifying groups - not much more to say other than go and vote in them!

Winners of the fifth batch include: Eminem's "Real Slim Shady" in the closest qualifying group ever (top vote - 15, bottom vote - 12); Kelis trouncing the opposition; "Vogue" squeaking past Chic, and the Spice Girls enjoying a late surge to take them past Gwen and Portishead.

Rapper's DeFITE )

Tomorrow's final groups include three Jop poll winners, erm and some other stuff.
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The sixth batch features two PE tracks, brings us bang up to date with Cansei, pits Xtina against the legions of indie, and gives Grandmaster Flash a second crack after "The Message"'s collapse. The winners will join Annie, Cameo, Kate Bush and "Bootylicious" in the first round.

Fight the FITE )

Tomorrow - French house! Scottish indie! Tamil, erm, whatever "Galang" is!

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