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Apr. 8th, 2008 02:50 pm
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The incredibly low level of interest in the Podcast Panel has persuaded me to kill it off. It was a fun experiment and I heard a few great tracks off it, but there's clearly close to no interest in regular MP3s on Poptimists (or at least not in that format).

Thanks very much to the people who sent tracks in, and apologies for the ones I didn't get round to using. I want to put more MP3s on Freaky Trigger so the Panel may live again when we finish Europop 2008 ([ profile] poptasticuk v [ profile] bengraham today!).

Tomorrow or Thursday (depending on workload) I will put up the final Pop Open Round 3 match tracks (both of which are EXCELLENT so do please d/l them), and then I think that'll be it for orgafun on Poptimists for a while, maybe for good (though I would love to do another League Of Pop sometime in the future).

Of course the video club, discussion, weekly charts posts, pop trumps etc etc will keep on going so the community will still be (I hope) a vibrant and entertaining one. But I'm not going to expect you to fanny about playing games on it any more :)
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Neon Neon - 'I Told Her On Alderaan'

I'm back! So is the Panel - direct download above and streaming at until tomorrow's entry goes up.

Our first time submitter (to the panel at least) says: "Vocalist from UK indie band + US electronic producer + star wars reference in the lyrics + retro 80s styling = Unlikely pop gem of the year so far"

[Poll #1145249]

STILL OPEN! DJ Scoobie! and Sara Paxton! (whose poll ends tomorrow)

POLLS CLOSED! Robbie Williams ended up with 6.00 (but a high of 2.52). Richard Emsley is on 5.78 BUT he's only had 9 votes so is one below my self-imposed statistical cutoff: someone go and vote for him! And finally...

HALL OF FAME! A new leader - Keke Palmer - "Music Box" with 7.27. See the full list of completed entries here.

To submit a track for the podcast panel send the MP3 to
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Richard Emsley - '...from swerve of shore to bend of bay'

Today's MP3 came without blurb or explanation from its shy submitter: it can be downloaded in full on that direct link or streamed at

[Poll #1140876]

POLLS STILL OPEN: Keke Palmer! Natalia y la Forquentina! Avenged Sevenfold! and ending tomorrow Fleet Foxes!

POLL CLOSED: Trina ended up with a score of 6.44 with (I think) the highest NUMBER of votes so far (a still quite low 18).

HALL OF FAME: Lancelot Link's score of 7.2 is the highest (though it dipped after polls closed when [ profile] dubdobdee voted.)

BUMF: To submit a track to the Podcast Panel send an MP3 to
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Keke Palmer - 'Music Box'

Direct link above and it's streaming at for the next 24 hours.

Its submitter says: "Keke Palmer got semi-shafted last year with a pretty great album. Not sure how many people actually heard her best song, "Game Song," but if it was too many, her second-best (to me anyway) song is a totally sappy but pretty number about growing up in the ghetto called "Music Box." Mom fallen on hard(er) times gets a job as a janitor and proceeds to WIPE UP HER OWN TEARS. I mean that is insane."

[Poll #1140325]

To submit a track for the Podcast Panel send an mp3 to - keep em coming!

VOTES STILL OPEN ON: Natalia y la Forquentina! Avenged Sevenfold! Fleet Foxes! and ending tomorrow Trina!

VOTES CLOSED ON: Ivanushki International (Final score: 5.64) and Lancelot Link (Final score: 7.2)
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Today's song can be found here - click on the cut for details and poll.

Read more... )

For previous panels - including yesterday's - go here: (all polls still open)

To submit a track send an MP3 to

Starting sometime this week we will be streaming the tracks at Freaky Trigger, at least on day of release, which should hopefully up the voting levels a little bit!

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