May. 8th, 2009 09:14 am
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Orgafun update: I am currently engaged in moving-house-related fail. Rest assured that I will sort it out VERY SOON but I think it's going to have to wait until I've got the interwebs in my new house, since I officially have two days to pack up my stuff and get gone from my current abode.

Hopefully it will then be back on track. An unexpected good turn up for the books on the job front has somewhat disrupted my 'sitting on my 4r5e eating toast' schedule tho for the moment.
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(this is ORGAFUN)

tasks etc. HURR )

Any questions ("You still haven't actually explained this what the hell is going on?" etc.) in the comments, please. :) And good luck!
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Right, I've been away this week so am only just compiling groups for ORGAFUN. Therefore, this is your ABSOLUTE LAST CHANCE to sign up for fun, frolics and a totally free mixtape tailor-made by the esteemed folk of [ profile] poptimists. There are at least four slots still available and potentially MOAR if demand is particularly high. You have until Sunday when I am actually going to sort everything out.

Also, if you have already signed up I need yr email addresses:
[Poll #1381285]

If you haven't signed up yet but would like to, just put your email in the box above. Otherwise I will be forced to use lj messaging and that makes my head hurt plus I'm not sure whether it works for free accounts or whatever so if y'all could just cooperate that'd be GRAND. The fun starts on Monday, although I appreciate people may be away this weekend so rest assured it's nothing too time sensitive.
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Right, as previously mentioned (ie: about a month and a half ago) it's ORGAFUN TIEM.

Here is how the ORGAFUN (which has a name but it's somewhat dependent on participant numbers) will work- do not read if you hate mixtapes )

If you don't care how it works enough to read all that but want to get an awesome mixtape crafted for you by the members of [ profile] poptimists and don't mind sending me a song once a week, then just comment saying "I will subscribe to your newsletter" or something.

EDIT: By the way, in no way feel like you can't join in if you are An Lurker or the like. I think I was An Lurker back during the original PP/CC and now look at me, etc.

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