Now 71

Apr. 19th, 2010 03:27 pm
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A 100% majority of 5 has meant we can find ourselves in the far-distant land of 2008 with Now 71. This is pretty blimmin' good one, I must say, although with some terrifying lows from Steve Mac and Peter Kay.
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Now 70

Jan. 14th, 2009 11:09 am
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I'm off to the supermarket now apparently but just time to tell you there's a Now Poll here and it'd be jolly good if we could all fill it in and have the usual discussion etc. I thought I might do both of last years (all three of last years? I have no idea how these things work) in the next week/fortnight/thingy as a way of clearing the air of 2008/having a little retrospective and then we can get back to the srs work of sorting out how mental Beyonce is going to go with her videos and that.

By the way, if anyone doesn't have any idea what these Now Poll things are, since they've become something of a rarity; basically you tick the boxes next to the songs you think are reasonably listenable on this particular volume of the NOW [number] compilation CDs and then we tot all the votes up (or well, lj does this for us) and the winnar of the compilation gets inducted into the pop hall of fame in the userinfo. It's fairly obvious who's going to win this one but you never know.

[Poll #1330928]

EDIT: god, I always forget something. Err. Will tally up votes for best and worst track from comments.

now 69

Aug. 21st, 2008 02:45 pm
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I have a horrible cold, which I am going to blame for my somehow completely breaking the original poll posted for this. Now 69, released last year at a guess, is a place of amazing heights and terrifying pits below them. H"two"O and Platnum do dance routines in school uniform and Katie Melua duets with the dead, Rihanna samples Michael Jackson and Scouting For Girls reference Elvis, Taio Cruz and Luciana break into the charts and Nickelback make a comeback. Swings and roundabouts.

[Poll #1245762]

Now 68

Aug. 11th, 2008 10:30 am
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Hello everyone, I've finished camping and frolicking around London, so it's time for MOAR NAO.

Also, does anyone know how to change text size on Opera? I just accidentally shrank mine twice.

Now 67

Jul. 24th, 2008 10:51 am
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Rite, I'm off to knit tofu with hippy children for the next week but we've got just enough time to squeeze in another quick Now poll before I reject all music save that made by free-spirited bongo weavers or something. If I die from camping, someone else will have to carry this on.

This motley crew of hits were assembled sometime last summer, from the look of them. There is an amazing section at the end but overall, this is a surprisingly quality edition of Now. In acknowledgement of the fact these are relatively recent compilations, I've added a question re: what was left out from the compilation at the end, since that should be fairly easy for ones so close to the present.

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NOW 66

Jul. 21st, 2008 12:17 pm
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Hello poptimists, it's time to once more celebrate the great institution that is NOW compilations, giving your mum the chance to discard the popular music of a full six-month time period using only a handy two-disc/tape compilation since 1981.

We do this, like all things, with ticky boxes. Today we are ticking songs from NOW 66, released early in 2007, I think. Over the next indefinite time period I will be posting the rest of the compilations up to the current one for your ticking pleasure. Click the tag if you'd like to peruse back-issues of the NOW polls, the Hall Of Fame created from the polls is viewable in the userinfo.

[Poll #1226975]
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I didn't make Poptimism last night because I wasn't feeling well. By way of apology, and of introduction to this community I present to you this YouTube compilation I put together.

These are my choices for the Top 20 most under-rated songs in the Poptimists Now Polls. All of these songs received 5 ticks (votes) or fewer. In other words, all of these got less votes than songs by The Verve, Coldplay and David Gray!


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Happy 2nd Birthday Poptimists!

As a celebration, here's a trip down memory lane - a NOW poll! For more recently arrived posters, the NOW Polls covered the first 64 volumes, and ended at around this time last year. There are now three more volumes, not that I'm intending to poll all three, but enough water has flowed under the pop bridge for a summer-of-06 lookback to not feel ENTIRELY like a pointless exercise.*

Shakira Shakira )

*in a relative sense, of course.
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"Always On My Mind" by the Pet Shop Boys. Well done Neil and Chris.

Commiserations to Jarvis, and to rub salt into the wound here is a link to the worst record ever.

(However the existence of this does prove that Pulp = Pop, so it's not all bad news.)
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Right, after 72 polls and a squidillion votes it's come down to this. In one corner the Pet Shop Boys, in the other Pulp.

I would do pictures of them but we all know what they look like.

[Poll #806433]

Please answer both questions!
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After a ferociously close fourth round, we say goodbye to both Britney tracks, Kylie and MARRS. It's now a straight fight - well two straight fights - to take us to tomorrow's final.

[Poll #805368]
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Eight songs. Four to advance to the final votes. Here's how we do it:

You pick your favourite FOUR of the songs - no more, no less. The four highest scorers go through. It's easy! To help you decide, Poptimists members have written a short blurb for each of the songs explaining why it's awesome and should win.

For Your Consideration... )

[Poll #802785]

Thanks to all the blurbers, and may the best pop win! (or at least qualify)
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Sixteen songs remain, eight will go through to the quarter-final polls.

This poll will be open till Wednesday morning. What I'd like for the next round is for the winning eight songs to get 50 words each from an advocate (i.e one of YOU LOT) saying why it should be the overall WINNAR. So if you fancy doing this, let me know.

Round 3 )

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With some of yesterday's fites still finely balanced, onto the second half of round 2 - more songs to whittle down. Some real blockbusters here - two of the songs most closely associated with 00s poptimism going head to head, a battle between Richard X and Xenomania, and a Britpop era clash are three of the juicier highlights.

As ever, just tick the one you like best in each pair.

Round 2 Part 2 - GO! )

This poll will stay open until Monday (as will yesterday's).

Since Jeff W is away I propose a PET SHOP BOYS CANON for later this afternoon.
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The dust has settled and 32 of 64 songs stand ready for the next round. Say a sad farewell to Ace of Base, Betty Boo, and - yes - Gorillaz among others. Then prepare for the next instalment of ALL OUT POP BATTLE.

i.e. pick which song you think is best.

In round 2 each song is facing one of its close contemporaries, the battle of the ages having proved indecisive.

Round 2 - COMMENCE! )

How the draw was decided:

i. Examination of real actual chart placing i.e. 2 for Human League, 7 for Pulp.
ii. Examination of tick % from revious now poll i.e. 79% for HL, 81% for P.
iii. These two things not being in agreement I just went for the one I liked best, seeing as it's me who's gone to the bother of polling these things. Bye Disco 2000!
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The third and final part of the Then vs Now fightfest - the previous two polls are still open (until tomorrow anyway) and get your votes in on this one. Who will be left on pop's canvas when the dust settles? How will I sort draws out? WAIT AND SEE.

Click here for the fites )

Round 2 starts tomorrow afternoon.
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Yesterday's first batch of battles will remain open until the end of the week - here's the second load, with some very touch match-ups (mash-ups?).

As before, just pick the one you like best in each pair.

Fites below the click )

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While we prepare the amazing follow-up to the Now polls series (ahem), we will close the book on them with a series of pollfites to work out which of our 64 victors is actually the best.

A very simple format - just tick the song you like best in each question. Rather than do it randomly, or just 2 by 2, each fight is a winner from NOWs 1-32 against one from NOWs 33-64, giving us a chance to think about the ways pop has changed.

Due to LJ poll limitations we'll be doing this initial batch in three chunks.

Now Poll Showdown )


The next 11 tomorrow.

(and yes I know I need to do the pop star poll too - the picture components in that make it less office-safe tho so I'll do it at home)
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And NOW, the end is near. We were rating some of these songs only LAST WEEK on Stevem's monthly pop polls, so apologies for the necessary duplication. The long heatwave of June/July 2006 - how long ago it seems eh?

Now 63 was won by Gorillaz, notching up their second poll winner with "Dirty Harry" on the frankly apalling score of 55% tickies - this would have put it in 8th place on the first Now poll. Make of that what you will.

What's that coming over the hill? )

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The penultimate Now poll finds us on very familiar ground - almost all these songs have been Poptimist-polled before by the diligent Steve M. To be frank I doubt you'll find much work for your ticking fingers here but we need to go through this one to 'complete the set' to let's be at it.

Sugababes won the Now 62 poll by a reasonable margin, despite being very few people's overall favourite. They're in it again this time.

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