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Cor, plenty of chart action this February! Get stuck into this month's tick fest underneath the cut...

[Poll #1711338]

*The Official Charts Company SCORN her dollar sign!
****POLITICS, y'know.

January's poll saw plenty of love for Adele and Martin Solveig, whereas it seems the Glee Cast have become totally Toxic, o-ho. It also seems that the Diddy Dirty Money album comes highly recommended by you lot - I can now add my voice to the throng despite not least because of the large amounts of ride cymbal on Last Train To Paris remind me of the first DJ Shadow album! Blimey!
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Catching up on last week's missed poll = double bonus ticky today! Apologies if I've missed anything. Ne-Yo is at #1.

[Poll #1603549]
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Hope you all had a nice long weekend! Yet another Facebook campaign manages to get ancient Christian rock band Delirious? into the top 5 for Easter weekend. But SATAN'S AGENTS* Scouting For Girls beat them to the top spot!

[Poll #1547933]
*NB Scouting For Girls may not actually be in league with the forces of darkness.
**New to you, or new to the world - however you interpret it is fine.

- This week sees the final group matches for all the teams in the Pop World Cup. Head over to Freaky Trigger to listen and vote in all current matches.
- There's still time to vote in Heat #1 of A Decade In Country! Heat #2 will go up tomorrow.
- The next round of Theme Songs is in progress! Suggest some songs for [livejournal.com profile] girlboymusic about Willingly Abstaining from Sex and/or Relationships Until You Find True Love or a Decent Man/Woman or Somesuch! You have until Friday.
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Taio Cruz might not have won any MOBO awards last week but he's still sitting pretty at the top of the charts. It's not a good Monday morning for the Backstreet Boys though - their new single about vampires has only made it to no. 72 :(

[Poll #1466732]

Heat #6 of 2002 will be up tomorrow! After 2002 is over I'm going to start going through them a bit quicker so we get at least halfway through the decade before 2010...
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[Poll #1424568]

As ever, the definition of 'new' is down to you - if you heard it first in June and it's awesome then that's fine. Links/embeds in the comments encouraged!

Reminder! You have until 2pm BST to vote in Heat #8 of 2000
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How on earth is it JUNE already?

[Poll #1409769]

As usual, 'new' is open to interpretation. Feel free to put your top 10s in the comments etc.

Poll update: Nominations now CLOSED for the best song of 2000. I promise to go back and check all 13493 comments on the original post AGAIN in case I missed anything :-)
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It's April 1st, and definitely after midday so no foolin'. Time to recap and recount your findings and favourites:

[Poll #1376103]

As ever, 'new' is open to interpretation - if it's new to you, then that's perfectly acceptable. Discussions/2009 top-10-so-far lists in the comments are encouraged!

(Apologies for missing this poll last month - my workload is becoming increasingly huge so I barely have time to check LJ during the day at the moment.)
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Haven't had one of these for a while!

[Poll #1343375]

As ever, the definition of 'new' is fully open to interpretation. If it's new to you, that counts! Expanding your answer in the comments is warmly encouraged.
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Blimey, August already! It's been a bit quiet round here of late - what have you all been listening to?

[Poll #1233427]

(remember, 'new' is open to interpretation - if it's new to you, that counts!)
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[Poll #1049383]
Remember 'new' is open to interpretation (p.s. I heard some Pat Benatar for the first time yesterday and it was decidedly average).

Other questions: Has this been a good summer for pop? Is it better or worse than last summer? Has the rubbish weather made a difference? What is your favourite pop 'season'?
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Some of the most interesting threads from last month:

The ethics of music listing on social networking sites
Where R UK female musicians plz?
Sinatra canon - "Does Poptimism only begin with rock'n'roll?"
Last.FM top artists - what does it all mean?
MARK MAH MIXTAPE: dubdobdee's youthmobb
Poptimists vs The Mercury
Pop On TV gordian knotfest
Amerie vs Rihanna
Suicidal! Suicidal!
What are words worth?

Lots of other good stuff - yesterday's convos about P5 and the sound of now, the 06 vs 07 chat on the Now poll, Kate Nash and Fergie howls in the Year In Pop - but one has to stop somewhere. Let me know if you think this kind of round-up is a good idea. (I might post it to FT too)

And now...

[Poll #1031464]
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1. Is there a better Easter song than "Roll Away The Stone"?

2. What is that "ella-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay-ay" bit in Rihanna's "Umbrella" really reminding me of? It's not R'n'B, I think.

3. Is the Apple/EMI announcement the end of DRM or the end of EMI (or neither)?

Oh and also...

[Poll #958868]

Hello March

Mar. 1st, 2007 11:28 am
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It's March! Time for the return of the 'best new thing' polls - this one incorporating Jan and Feb cos they're both traditionally a bit rub.

Also note the highly relevant bonus question (especially if you are coming out TOMORROW NIGHT for a spot of disco dancing)

[Poll #937683]

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No number ones poll today as I'm k-busy, you'll have to wait until tomorrow. However a new(ish) month means a listener's poll!

[Poll #882319]
Remember 'new' can be something old you've heard for the first time.

PS. It's POPTIMISM on Friday! Details here.
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[Poll #858723]
Continue in the comments as usual if you run out of space! Remember "new" means "new to you" so if you've only just listened to Kool & The Gang for the first time this month then you can put that!
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[Poll #810937]
Continue in the comments if you run out of space!

Also, quote of the day from everyone's favourite wapper, Fiddy Cent:

"You wanna know something? I actually like Bush. In some ways, I'm the George W Bush of hip hop - nobody likes me, but I'm still gonna run it for the next four years."

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