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Albums? What a ridiculous concept...

(format nicked wholesale from last year's poll)

[Poll #1433368]

Comments box questions:

Do you feel compelled to check out any of the above?
Do you think this is a fair representation of British Music in 2009?
How do this lot shape up against last year's nominees?

(Stay tuned for news of this year's Lex 20p Indie prize!)
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Downloads might be killing off the album, but the Mercury dudes are carrying on regardless. This year's nominations are below, but do you poptimist folks actually listen to this sort of thing?

[Poll #1227631]

Ones for the comments box:
- of the albums above that you haven't heard yet, which would you like to investigate further?
- do you think this is a fair representation of British Music in 2008?
- is this better or worse than last year's bunch?
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Arctic Monkeys' Favourite Worst Nightmare
Basquiat Strings featuring Seb Rochford's Basquiat Strings
Bat for Lashes' Fur & Gold
Dizzee Rascal's Maths & English
Jamie T's Panic Prevention
Klaxons' Myths of the Near Future
Maps' We Can Create
New Young Pony Club's Fantastic Playroom
Fionn Regan's The End of History
The View's Hats Off to the Buskers
Amy Winehouse's Back to Black
The Young Knives' Voices of Animals and Men

go on then.

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