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It's the Lex 20p indie poll!

(sorry for not posting it yesterday, I was busy shouting at people about Flo Rida)

[Poll #1776577]
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I refuse to join the rest of you stinkin' hippies over at Dreamwidth (not until I've consistently used Tumblr, anyway) so someone can x-post if they like. Or you could have a 2p Young Person's God Help Us If There's A War Prize. Whatever.

It is time for nominations to this year's highly-sought-after Lex 20p Indie Prize.

some guidelines )

[Poll #1766864]

We can also discuss the fact there seem to be literally three or four listenable things on the Mercury shortlist if you would rather.

Edit: younger readers who do not know Lex may be unaware of his work; not only is he our longstanding chum [livejournal.com profile] alexmacpherson but also a real actual music journalist, a few of his recent pieces for the Graun covered homophobia in hip hop, Cher Lloyd's ambitions and Liechtenstein's disco scene.
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It's that time of year again! The 2010 Mercury Music Prize will be announced tonight, which means that I can declare the [livejournal.com profile] poptimists 2010 Lex 20p Indie Prize officially open!

Voting criteria are as complex and unfathomable as ever, so here's some explanation under the cut. )

Voting closes at lunchtime on Friday!

[Poll #1615943]

The winners will be played at Friday's Poptimism* (Horse Bar, 7-12, free entry, top pop tunes) and 20p 'presented to' the Lex to pass on to them.

*The omission of Dizzee Rascal from the nominations list is basically because i) he is in no way indie apart from the 'record label' sense ii) he is going to get played at Poptimism anyway so it would be unfair to the others.
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The votes as I left work put controversial winners and prog metal titans Mastodon in a clear lead, which since I was forking over the moolah for the albums seemed a good result, especially since Rasputin/Time Travel/Clairvoyancy epic Crack The Skye is an incredibly bargainous six quid in HMV right now, however I did also "behave myself" and buy Florence and the Machine for a far less bargainous £10.99. This is particularly bad value given Crack The Skye is literally all killer no filler and Lungs only has one good song on it. Let it never be said I am not dedicated.

Anyway; since I'd also brought my copy of the Foamo remix of Bulletproof to prevent actually giving La Roux any royalties, we actually played all three top polling acts at Poptimism and these were the findings:
1. Foamo remix of Bulletproof is "quite good"
2. Rabbit Heart is "quite good" altho a bit challenging to dance to, even given how drunk we were by then
3. Pt. two of The Czar is solid gold amazing and results in massive dancefloor action!

So the right band won then. Hurrah all 'round; in the name of fairness I'll send FAT M the original award and Mastodon the 'controversial international metal act category' award. I am sure they will both appreciate it. Obviously all this will be done duly in the name of the Lex, who is no doubt relieved that it is not going to La Roux.

(also: excellent Poptimism chaps! Apols for any drunken rampaging on my part, I was a bit overexcited and had had slightly too much fizzy pop)
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Hello everyone, I am an idiot and can't remember what month it is. It is time, just about, to vote for the winnar of the Lex 20p Indie Prize; a song by the winning act will then be played at Poptimism tonight because I will go out and buy their CD on my way in order to do so and to cover for my modfail...

In light of which, you have until about 4pm UK time today to VOTE. So get voting! Feel free to rep in the comments etc.

EDIT: RIGHT THEN. It's two minutes past four, I'm clocking off and going to HMV. What will I buy? Well you'll have to jolly well come to Poptimism and find out, won't you?

[Poll #1450034]

Anyone who notices I am still just trying to get Mastodon played at Poptimism will be, err, correct.
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As I try very hard not to die too much, I bring you the news that the nominations for this year's Lex 20p Indie Prize are now open. For those of you not familiar with either the prize or the Lex, the principle is that the winning act is sent 20p in Lex's name. The possible reasons for why you would nominate acts for this I will list under this here cut:

possibly would've been a good idea to try this when am remotely functional )

RIGHT THEN, is that all clear? Nominations away!

[Poll #1439016]
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[livejournal.com profile] koganbot handily summarised some possible voting criteria in the nominations thread:

  • Best act that you can rationalize as indie

  • Best act that you can rationalize as indie and is likely to irritate Lex

  • Act most likely to irritate Lex (whether good or not) subcategory A: they irritate Lex because he thinks they're irremediably awful

  • Act most likely to irritate Lex (whether good or not) subcategory B: they irritate Lex because he likes some of what they do but they have characteristics that he can't stand

  • Act that is most indie

  • Indie act that you hate but that
has something
  • Worst indie act

  • Act that you have never heard but from what you've heard
  • about them they epitomize something indie and irritating
    Feel free to use some, all or none of the above to help make your choice! You can also abstain if you feel that none of the acts below are deserving winners. Voting is anonymous in case you don't want the world to know about your INDIE SHAME.

    Without further ado, here is the shortlist!

    [Poll #1253599]

    ATTENTION: The WINNER plus some, all or none of the other acts above will get played at POPTIMISM which is this Saturday at the Cross Kings! Free entry and top tunes from 8-late. Be there and get ready to chase Lex round the room with the 20 pence piece of tradition!

    [argh apologies for ballsing up the first poll!]
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    It's that time of year again!

    We want your nominations for the 4th Annual Lex 20p Indie Prize shortlist!

    [Poll #1252320]

    Nominations will close at lunchtime on Thursday, and the final poll will be posted soon after (remind me if I forget!), with the winner announced next week.

    Last year's winner was Art Brut, beating the Arcade Fire and Mark Ronson. As ever, the definition of 'indie' is up to you but nominations should be vaguely kept to acts that have released something in the UK in the last 12 months (if you get stuck for ideas here is the Mercury Prize nominations thread).
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    [Poll #1049946]

    Apologies if your nomination didn't make it to the Top Ten - I tried to stick to UK artists wherever possible. Voting will close at the end of the week.

    EDIT: The voting criteria have been left deliberately ambiguous. Vote as you see fit: best, worst or 'most indie'? It's up to you.
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    Right kids! Time to nominate the artist or band who you feel deserves the accolade (won last year by The Automatic, sort of) for services to Indie over the last year.

    [Poll #1049850]

    The final shortlist of acts to will be polled at around 5pm today so GET NOMINATING!

    (Of course, 'indie' is completely open to interpretation...)
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    THE AUTOMATIC. I much enjoyed seeing Matt DC chase a visibly shaken Lex around the dancefloor wielding the sacred twenty pence piece.

    Actually the Automatic should not have won according to the voting, but I lost my CD with Lallen and the Pipettes on and have never knowingly owned a Camera Obscura record, so they got it - also "Monster" turned out to rock the Poptimism house so they are worthy winners.

    The votes in full:

    Kasabian: minus 17 points.
    Test Icicles: 4 points
    Feeling: 8 points
    The Guillemots: 13 points
    Kooks: 16 points
    Young Knives: 22 points
    Automatic: 27 points, WINNER
    Pipettes: 31 points
    Camera Obscura: 34 points
    Lily Allen: 35 points
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    After much deliberation the shortlist for The Lex 20p Indie Prize has been announced:

    The Automatic
    Camera Obscura
    The Feeling
    The Guillemots
    The Kooks
    Lily Allen
    The Pipettes
    Test Icicles
    The Young Knives

    All of these acts* have been nominated BY POPTIMISTS for their vital contributions to INDIE over the last 12 months. Let the debate commence!
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    GOOD GOD it is the Mercury tonight, I had completely forgotten. Which means it's also time for the Lex 20p Indie Prize, when THE LEX rewards the best in indie with a shiny twenty pence piece. Last years' winners were Tompaulin.

    Please use this secret poll to indicate which top INDIE ACT from the last 12 months the Lex should be rewarding for their efforts towards the indie cause. The shortlist will be announced later today (i.e. you'd better vote quickly) and the actual winner will be announced - AND A TRACK PLAYED - at Poptimism on Thursday night.


    Thanks to all voters. Apologies to voters whose nominations were not used in the final 10.
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    ...was won...


    oh the suspense )

    Well done all their fan on this magnificent achievement. The Lex will hand over the sacred twenty pence piece at an appropriate time.
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    No, not the Mercury, which I have a dreadful feeling is going to be won by the Ka-Zar Chiefs.

    Not even the Popjustice prize, because it's a bit rub this year.

    No the real action tonight is THE LEX 20p INDIE PRIZE, where international boss of Indie, The Lex, judges the year's indiest record.

    The shortlist includes:

    drum roll please.... )

    As you can see we have a couple of shortlist places left so fill it up in the comments box and tomorrow we'll bring you a full report on the 'judging process', assuming the Lex comes out to play tonight anyway.

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