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It appears that moderately successful boyband BLUE have been selected for the UK's 2011 Eurovision entry! Their 'self-penned' song is called "I Can". Guest rapper Mr O. Bama not as yet confirmed.

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I already posted this once in the last Hitz from Finland, but like the Very Smart Person I am I managed to miss the fact that a) there's actually a video for this too and b) it was already on youtube when I did this the first time with an audio-only clip, haha. So I'm using that as an excuse to post it again! Chisu - Muut:

The more I hear this, the more it strikes me exactly as the sort of thing that tends to go down splendidly here at [livejournal.com profile] poptimists, so I'd love to see some discussion on it! It'll probably end up as one of the singles of the year for me (the fact that it's playlisting on top 40 radio at the same time as No Air kinda makes this THE BEST MONTH EVER).

Last-minute addendum: and someone obligingly put up her brand out-this-week new radio single just ten hours before I posted this (hurrah internets! good work with the mindreading, there), so you get that too:

Not as smashing as Muut, because what is, but it's really not far behind either. Lovely!


And as Eurovision draws closer, I'd like to make the statement that Armenia can TOTALLY win this year as far as I'm concerned:

Another favourite is Bulgaria:

For the first minute you almost think this is going to be history's first instrumental Eurovision entry, and then it slows down and goes reggae-flavoured for the vocal bit, and it is AWESOME. Top-notch work overall, I really hope they do well!

(As a sidenote, anyone not heard yet abt Russia enlisting Timbaland to beef up their entry? OH RUSSIA, NEVER CHANGE.)
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Afternoon, pop-pickers.

It has been drawn to my attention by a former acquaintance (and thus Facebook friend) who now runs Europe's most successful Eurovsion website (ESCToday.com) that there is an event which may well be of interest to you Poptimist-types.

It's on Friday 25th April at the Scala and tickets cost a mere 10 of your English pounds in advance. Several acts are confirmed, including the 2008 entrants from Ukraine and Iceland, with more to be announced. Full details of the party can be found here.

Guttingly (is that a word?), I can't attend.
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Firstly, I'm doing a Eurovision column for Jewcy.com (you can read the first post here) basically charting Israeli Eurovision news and whatnot. Though that might interest some people here. Also -- I'm looking for a place to watch Eurovision in NYC this May. If anyone has any ideas, send them my way.

Secondly, just read a story in JPost about the Noble Brats. An English singing Tel Aviv band that sounds a bit like 90's grunge, Sonic Youth, etc. Very cool band. I've been listening to their myspace stuff all morning. I'm a sucker for that Seattle sound abroad.
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I guess we should have a thread about Britain's Eurovision entry then:

Because it was Poptimism I missed the thrilling Woganology on Saturday night. The most I can say for this is that it's better than Scooch.
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So, Boaz Mauda has been chosen to rep Israel for Eurovision this year. This is really a shot in the dark but... do any of you have any idea how I can contact Israel Eurovision for a media inquiry???

Anyway, this is not the song that was chosen, but it's the one I could find on youtube. The one he is singing was written and composed by 1998 winner Dana International!
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MEIN EARS. Are Ireland *actually* trying to do a My Lovely Horse trying-to-lose this year? At least the UK won't come last, I'm sure Michelle Gayle'll do us proud...
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"One of the things I really like about Eurovision is that it's a pop space which regularly and brutally REJECTS retro and revivalism via the ballot box: the regular ABBA-clones now can only scrape 12th or 13th and the French entries in their early-60s timewarm end up in the bottom four. Eurovision's commitment to the modernist project is impeccable!"

Wot No Daz

Feb. 28th, 2007 01:00 pm
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Much-hyped Carole Decker/DJ Daz Eurovision entry DENIED

- Big Brovaz (TICK)
- Liz from Atomic Kitten (TICK)
- Brian Harvey (only TICK if he does a non-ballad)
- Justin Hawkins (hmmm might be amusing but...)
- Some girl called Cyndi (who kno - unless this is Carole Decker IN DIGUISE)
- SCOOCH!!! (TICK!!!)
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Hello chums.

Some of you may remember my reminder about the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005. On Saturday we had high hopes for Joni Fuller and her indier-than-thou How Does It Feel? after last year's excellent 2nd place from Cori Spedding. Surely political voting does not apply to the young, and we could regain some pop respect from our European peers?

Well in the end Cyprus had to pull out of the competition, citing 'internal reasons' (or whoops! already releasing the song), however they were still allowed to take part in the televoting! As you will no doubt be surprised, Cyprus gave Greece douze points - Serbia & Montenegro* and FYR Macedonia were slightly more subtle, only swapping dix points.

The eventual winner was Belarus, with a cracking pop number sung by 10 year old Kseniya Sitnik, who wore a lovely pink tutu and hair bunches. She was great! Some of the more startling costumes included Romania's Oompa Loompa themed dancers and Danish hip-hop sensation Nicolai, who after some fierce breakdancing had his jeans ripped off Bucks Fizz-stylee - only to reveal another pair of jeans! Smashing.

I was quite disappointed to learn that the drummer in Okey, the Latvian entry was not actually a girl, more of a Zak Hansen svengali figure who wrote all the songs. This lot weren't bad actually, they were miming the right chords on the guitars but said guitars weren't plugged in. Never mind luvs! They did Radio GaGa style handclaps and that's what mattered.

And what of poor old Joni Fuller? 14th place (above Sweden and Malta) was pretty much what she deserved, entering the ONLY ballad in the competition and singing it in the style of a strangled Lesley Garrett. I understand the poor kid had throat problems but that is NO EXCUSE for a violin solo. Both song and performance were poor. Luckily the entire show was broadcast on ITV2 and hence none of her schoolmates will have witnessed it and will not henceforth tease her mercilessly. Like Ming.

Bizarrely in the voting, each country was automatically allocated 12 points. I missed the explanation for this as I was in the kitchen opening another bottle of Speckled Heng but I imagine it was to soften the blow to poor Malta, who would have only got 6 points otherwise (compared to Belarus' 137, plus the 12 automatic ones). For a long time the UK had nil. Ha-ha. Also when it came to the UK's turn to vote, we managed to break the scoring computer and the flummoxed Belgian presenters had to ad-lib for a whole five minutes. Revenge!

A remarkable contest, I'm sure you'll agree. Roll on next year!

*Little Filip from Serbia & Montenegro's song was entitled 'First Love, then Football', and he walked on stage carrying a football under his arm. At the end of the song he symbolically kicked the football into the audience. Bless!

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