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You know what? We never did a Rihanna canon! Well if we did I can't find it. If you weren't about when we last did the canon polls then have a look here to see what I'm banging on about and which Celine Dion single we decided was the best. Basically you get SIX ticks over the entire poll to choose your favourite Ri-Ri singles that made the UK top 40. The top songs will make it into the [livejournal.com profile] poptimists hall of fame!

[Poll #1605281]

Tick away!
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Yesterday I got sent a CD of nursery rhymes for my kid - it was rub though. But it reminded me to do the much promised NURSERY RHYMES CANON. These selections are from the top ranked nursery rhyme CD at Amazon.co.uk, from "Oxbridge Baby" (ew). Other CDs have about a billion rhymes on but this is a CANON POLL and we frown on such inclusiveness. You get six ticks.

[Poll #1126074]

Bonus task - can we compile a CD of pop records which quote or reference all of these? Adam Ant - "Puss In Boots". Fergie - "London Bridge" - there, 16 to go!
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It's Bristol! It's the Nineties! What are the kidz listening to on their 'walk-mans' on the back seat of the bus? Well, East 17 probably, but who was the real winner of the Wess Cunnry Coffee Table war? You have EIGHT ticks to dish out between Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky's UK Top 40 hits.

[Poll #1119484]
Manic Street Preachers: (link)
1. Motorcycle Emptiness
2. You Love Us
=3. Faster / PCP
=3. Little Baby Nothing
5. A Design For Life
=6. Everything Must Go
=6. La Tristesse Durera
8. From Despair To Where
9. Kevin Carter
=10. Revol
=10. Roses In The Hospital
=10. Theme From M.A.S.H. (Suicide Is Painless)

NB: This canon was meant to be put up in December, but I forgot. Look out for all-new Friday poll action next week!
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The Manics (BA Hons, Swansea) are responsible for many things: a reasonably popular London club night, skyrocketing feather boa sales, the gratitude of the Goan tourist board and of course, thousands upon thousands of rabid fans desperate to bleed all over Steve Lamacq in 'tribute'. But what do you poptimists make of their back catalogue? 33 UK Top 40 singles means you get ELEVEN ticks to dish out. Eyeliner pencils at the ready!

Libraries gave us power... )
Fleetwood Mac: (link)
1. Go Your Own Way
2. Dreams
3. Little Lies
4. Don't Stop
=5. Albatross
=5. Tusk
=7. Big Love
=7. Oh Well
=7. Sara
=10. Black Magic Woman
=10. Say You Love Me
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Yes, the next most requested canon was those rather hirsuite chaps and chapesses from Fleetwood Mac! Thanks to their habit of releasing more albums than singles you have just FIVE ticks to dish out over their 16 UK Top 40 hits.

[Poll #1102069]
Gwen/No Doubt: (link)
=1. Hollaback Girl
=1. What You Waiting For
3. Don't Speak
4. Hella Good
5. Just A Girl
6. Cool
7. The Sweet Escape [ft Akon]
8. Let Me Blow Ya Mind [w/Eve]
=9. Spiderwebs
=9. Wind It Up
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The runaway winner of the last week's Canon Selecta was Gwen & No Doubt, whose first eponymous album has been priced at £3 in HMV for the last ten years! 18 hits overall, SIX ticks to dish out for our yodelling princess & her ska-punk chums.

[Poll #1097759]
Stevie Wonder: (link)

1. Superstition
2. Living For The City
3. Uptight (Everything's Alright)
4. Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours
=5. For Once In My Life
=5. Higher Ground
=5. Sir Duke
8. He's Misstra Know It All
9. I Was Made To Love Her
10. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
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In 2008 the canon polls shall be taking an extended break (almost certainly to be revived at a later date), and will be temporarily replaced by All New Top Secret Friday Orgafun Action! Calm yourselves - there are still 5 Fridays left in the year (not counting today), and we need to decide how best to fill them. Who would you like to see join these illustrious pop stars in the [livejournal.com profile] poptimists Hall Of Fame?

As there are five weeks to fill, you get five picks! However in a fit of generosity (and fear that I've missed someone obvious) you may nominate one further artist in the text box below - they must have had at least ten UK Top 40 Hits in some shape or form (you can check this here), e.g. Annie Lennox has only had 9 solo hits but combined with Eurythmics she has charted like a billion times, so both would need to be covered in the same poll.

It's gonna be tough but don't fret - the runners-up will almost certainly be revisited in the future. Artists with an asterisk by their name are still actively recording new material (as far as I know). Whether this affects your vote or not is up to you! Would you rather wait until Avril has a few more singles under her belt? Or does she demand immediate tickery?

[Poll #1093510]

Edit: Though the Spice Girls have not officially been subject to canon, they featured in an early Poptimist poll here. Feel free to go back and tick it!
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The Brit Box is Rhino Records' new box set repackaging - for an American audience - of the history of British indie music, 1984-1998, taking the story from the Smiths all the way to...well, you'll see.

I thought it would be a good one to do as a canon - MOAR FOOL ME as it took ages to type and typing really made me think the whole thing is incredibly badly put together. But don't take my word for it, go and use your TWENTY-SIX!!!! tickys yourself on the below.

[Poll #1092622]

(Also appearing on the Brit Box was "Common People" by Pulp, which I somehow forgot to include on the poll. I'm sure it would have done very well.)
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It's harmonica-wielding child prodigy Stevie Wonder! His 41 UK top 40 hits means thirteen ticks to show your Wonder-love.

[Poll #1089660]
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Shabba! It's time for another genre canon. The songs under the cut are taken from 1994's Best Reggae Album In The World...Ever! and as you might expect there are a few surprising inclusions! You get to pick your favourite FOURTEEN tunes.

I can tick all obstacles in my way... )
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The most requested canon ever! :-) Here you go Jeff, twenty-six UK Top 40 hits means EIGHT ticks across the tunes below. If you don't know any then get yourself over to Youtube and have a listen!

[Poll #1081557]
Roxette: (link)
1. It Must Have Been Love
2. The Look
=3. Joyride
=3. Listen To Your Heart / Dangerous
5. Fading Like A Flower
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18 UK Top 40 hits means you get SIX ticks for Per and Marie. Where's me peroxide?

[Poll #1077799]
Pulp: (link)
1. Do You Remember The First Time
2. Common People
3. The Sisters EP
4. This Is Hardcore
5. Disco 2000
6. Mis-Shapes / Sorted For E's And Wizz
7. Sunrise / The Trees
8. Help The Aged
9. Something Changed
10. Bad Cover Version
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No canon today as my list is at work and I am not - instead, a question:

  • Is there an artist or group that suddenly springs to mind when you think of 'pop'? What about 'indie'? Or 'emo'? Do you think there can be 'defining songs' for a genre?

    In other words - are there canonical artists/songs in pop? How changeable are they over time?
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    No, I can't believe we haven't done them yet either. With just 12 UK Top 40 hits, you get FOUR ticks below. However because I'm feeling generous, for one! canon! only! you are allowed an EXTRA text-box vote for a song that's missing - if a song gets enough votes it will be included in the canon proper.

    [Poll #1070087]
    Duran Duran: (link)
    1. Rio
    2. Hungry Like The Wolf
    =3. Girls On Film
    =3. The Reflex
    5. Save A Prayer
    6. Wild Boys
    7. Planet Earth
    =8. A View To A Kill
    =8. Is There Something I Should Know
    =8. Ordinary World

    Carter USM/Wonder Stuff/Pop Will Eat Itself: (link)
    1. Carter USM - The Only Living Boy In New Cross
    2. Carter USM - Sheriff Fatman
    3. Pop Will Eat Itself - Can U Dig It
    4. Carter USM - After The Watershed
    5. Pop Will Eat Itself - Ich Bin Ein Auslander
    6. Pop Will Eat Itself - Get The Girl! Kill The Baddies!
    7. Wonder Stuff - The Size Of A Cow
    =8. Wonder Stuff [w/ Vic Reeves] - Dizzy
    =8. Carter USM - Rubbish
    =8. Wonder Stuff - Don't Let Me Down Gently
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    OK during the time between me starting this canon and posting it TWO MORE entries have gone up on this especially busy day. But some things are sacred and the Friday Canon is one of them - sorry friendlists you'll just have to take the weight, as Simon Le Bon said to the elephant.

    But I'll leave the picture out. You all know what The Most Fanciable Man In Pop and SLB and the other ones look like anyway, don't you? (Maybe not the other ones). From the Rum Runner to global fame to a surprisingly long after-career, I present....the DURAN DURAN CANON! You get TEN ticks.

    [Poll #1066380]
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    It's the Grand Battle of Grebo: just ELEVEN ticks across all three bands' UK Top 40 singles!

    [Poll #1062623]
    Green Day: (link)

    1. Basket Case
    2. Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)
    3. Welcome To Paradise
    4. American Idiot
    5. Longview
    6. Warning
    =7. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
    =7. Holiday
    =7. Minority
    =7. Wake Me Up When September Ends
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    It's the Peter Pans of Punk! They've had 20 UK Top 40 singles, and you get to pick your favourite SIX out of this lot:

    [Poll #1055183]
    Blondie: (link)
    1. Heart Of Glass
    2. Atomic
    3. Hanging On The Telephone
    4. Rapture
    5. Call Me
    6. Denis
    7. Picture This
    8. Sunday Girl
    =9. Maria
    =9. The Tide Is High
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    - Debbie Harry used to be in a band called 'Wind In The Willows'
    - And she was in an episode of Sabrina The Teenage Witch! The big goth.
    - In 1981, 89% of teenage bedroom walls displayed at least one Blondie poster.

    Blondie have 23 UK Top 40 hits (including Debbie's solo stuff), you have just SEVEN ticks. Ooo bee doo!

    [Poll #1051554]
    Norman Cook (link)

    1. Beats International [ft Lindy Layton] - Dub Be Good To Me
    2. Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank
    =3. Fatboy Slim - Praise You
    =3. Housemartins - Happy Hour
    5. Fatboy Slim - Gangster Trippin'
    6. Freak Power - Turn On Tune In Cop Out
    7. Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now
    8. Fatboy Slim - Everybody Needs A 303
    =9. Fatboy Slim - Star 69 / Weapon Of Choice
    =9. Housemartins - Caravan Of Love
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    Our Quentin has been a busy boy over the last twenty years. Three bands, a grillion pseudonyms and twenty-eight UK Top 40 hits later - behold! It's the salad of all the Cooks. Pick your favourite NINE over his oeuvre!

    [Poll #1048009]
    T-Rex (link)
    =1. 20th Century Boy
    =1. Get It On
    3. Children Of The Revolution
    4. Metal Guru
    5. Ride A White Swan
    6. Jeepster
    7. Telegram Sam
    8. Hot Love
    9. Solid Gold Easy Action
    10. Debora
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  • Marc Bolan was actually frightened of cars and spookily predicted his own car-crash death!
  • Bolan replaced percussionist Steve Peregrin Took with Mickey Finn purely because the latter had an impressive motorcycle!
  • Marc's poetry book was called 'The Warlock Of Love'!

    Just SIX ticks today!

    [Poll #1040669]
    Spandau Ballet (link)
    1. Gold
    2. True
    3. Chant No. 1 (I Don't Need This Pressure On)
    4. To Cut A Long Story Short
    =5. Instinction
    =5. Through The Barricades
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