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So! The most popular tracks from the lower reaches of the chart in December were by Scooter Quo (38.9%) and Lil Wayne (33.3%). Also, Mr Az was DISQUALIFIED.

More interesting, hopefully, are the...
collected results for 2008! )
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Not much going on here in December, with parts of the lower reaches being taken by the yearly suspects. I'm planning to close 2008 voting (including this one) next weekend, say SUNDAY 11 JANUARY AT 1800 HRS British time, and then hope to have the 2008 results ready in the course of Monday. Vote away!

[Poll #1325434]

Nothing on November's list seems to have grabbed the crowd here; in the lead are Keane ("The Lovers Are Losing") and Craig David ("Insomnia") with 28.6% each. This is a mere 6 votes out of 21. The closest contenders ate T-Pain ft C Brown and Sneaky Sound System, one vote behind. Still, only three voters have voted DON'T LIKE ANY.

BONUS AYIPS FACT: This particular chartstat is rendered a bit unclear & difficult to check due to Featurings etc, but it appears the act with the largest number of sub-40 hits and NO top-40 hits may be Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. They debuted on the charts with "Patio Song" in November 1996, which then dropped out immediately after a week at #41. Up to September 2001 they then charted seven more sub-40 singles, none of which lasted more than one week.

Second place seems to be held by That Petrol Emotion, with seven singles from 1987 to 1991. In third we have Diesel Park West with six and a third (due to a split Christmas EP) from 1989 to 1992, followed by five acts, each with six unsuccessful attempts at breaking the 40 limit: Alfie (2001-2005), dEUS (1995-1999), Frazier Chorus (1989-1991), Love and Money (1986-1991), and Mew (2003-2006; may still climb this list).
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The November AYIPS is slightly notable for containing the sub-40 belt's first TWO double A-sides of the year. And a karaoke track. And a single with a title consisting of two words neither of which has been used in the title of any charting single ever before. And much Craig David, and a minute of Rolf Harris, and no less than TWELVE others, a modest proportion of which are no kind of indie honest.


[Poll #1316929]

Michelle Williams is leading the October poll with more than half of votes so far (55.6%), some distance in front of Wiley (38.9%). Everyone but The Kooks have got votes, including Kate Voegele, who was way ahead of the pack in the 2008 charting of "Hallelujah".

BONUS AYIPS FACT: The first AYIPS-eligible track of the 2000s was "Millennium Chime" by Big Ben, with a chart run of two weeks, peaking at #53. The Guinness Book of British Hit Singles, in the artist description field usually containing e.g. "Canada, male vocalist" or "UK/US/Korea male/female rap/vocal group", here drily notes "UK, clock". Also, googling reveals that at the time The Independent ran a puntastic interview!:

-- You don't move about much on stage?
-- After 12 bongs, neither would you.
Is your new stuff influenced by House?
--No, but I'm very big on Parliament
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Twelve AYIPS-eligible tracks entered the Top 75 in October, peaking anywhere from #41 to #74 inclusive. They range from Proper Teen Stars to people without even their own Wikipedia article – but our concern here is obviously what YOU think. So, what?

[Poll #1301056]

T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" (42.9%) and Sway's "Saturday Night Hustle" (35.7%) are in the September lead; that month suffers from 1) low voter turnout thus far, and 2) an unprecedentedly high DON'T LIKE ANY vote (21.4%, never before into double digits). As always, you can of course go back and vote in forgotten polls, or even change your mind.

Jeff correctly pointed out in last month's comments that I've forgotten to mention two DQs: "Disturbia" and "Tattoo", for which it took 9 and 28(!) weeks respectively from first entry to first fortyness.

BONUS AYIPS FACT: The longest chart run of a single peaking at #75 is... two weeks. This honour is actually shared between two singles: "Calibre Cuts" (which appears to be some kind of mix 12" or something) in May 1980, and "How Soon We Forget" by Colonel Abrams in August 1987. Robert Owens' "I'll Be Your Friend" held this distinction from December 1991 as well, but disqualified about five and a half years later(!), when the single notched up two more weeks, one of them at #25.
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A slowish September turned up no more than ten #41-75 tracks – and it took a new Metallica album to get it into double digits. Click, watch, listen and vote as per usual!

[Poll #1281585]

In August, the clear winner overall seems to be Featuring. We have Nas Featuring Keri Hilson at 47.1%, Lloyd Featuring Ludacris at 41.2%, and DJ Q Featuring MC Bonez at 35.3%, the latter tied with um Bodies Not Featuring Organs.

BONUS AYIPS FACT: The song with the longest chart run ever without ever hitting the top 40 (including reentries) is Ken Barrie's "Postman Pat", which first entered the chart in July 1982 and has clocked up 15 weeks.
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After a quiet July, August got us back to over twenty #41-#75 hits on the UK singles charts. These are tabulated below, with youtube links except for where I couldn't find any (Nicki Bliss??). WHATEVER WILL YOU TICK?

[Poll #1259801]

Four of July's 11 tracks are ahead of the 30% mark as of the now, a pretty good proportion actually. Three of them are Ladyhawke's "Paris Is Burning", The Feeling's "Turn It Up", and Goldfrapp's "Caravan Girl". But way ahead in front, and indeed leading the whole thing, is "I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me" by Annie (from Bergen), with an impressive 81.8%!

No disqualifications occurred this month.
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I promised you I'd put up the AYIPS Halfyear Standings during the weekend. Well, um, it's still Sunday in some parts of the Pacific.


Setting an arbitrary cutoff at a score of 30% voteage, here are the TOP 17 lowhits of the first half of 2008:

1. Vampire Weekend: A Punk (64.7%)
2. Lil' Mama Featuring Chris Brown/T-Pain: Shawty Get Loose (60.0%)
3. Cassie: Is It You (53.6%)
4. Hot Chip: One Pure Thought (50.0%)
5. Girls Aloud: Theme to St Trinians (47.6%)
6. Jennifer Lopez: Hold It, Don't Drop It (47.1%)
7. Portishead: Machine Gun (46.4%)
8. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds: Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! (44.8%)
9=. Duffy: Rockferry (42.9%)
9=. Cherish Featuring Yung Joc: Killa (42.9%)
11. Addictive Featuring T2: Gonna Be Mine (41.4%)
12. Soulja Boy Tell'em Featuring Arab: YAHHH! (39.3%)
13=. Roisin Murphy: You Know Me Better (35.7%)
13=. Jordin Sparks: Tattoo (35.7%)
15. Bodyrox and Luciana: What Planet You On (33.3%)
16. Brit And Alex: Let It Go (32.1%)
17. The Feeling: Without You (30.0%)

BEST MONTH: April, with 7 of these 17 tracks.
WORST MONTH: June, with None At All.
Other months all have 2 or 3 entries.

The Cassie song, by the way, is the one that has given the most joy in absolute terms, with a total so far of 15 votes.
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Apologies for the delay, and for making you wait so long for so little. In July, only 11 new tracks entered the Top 75 without subsequently reaching the Top 40. YouTube links are included, and the question is as always...

[Poll #1249820]

So, few discs this month, and and also no disqs.

From June, only Rihanna currently touches the 50% mark with "Disturbia", with almost twice as many votes as Kat DeLuna and N*E*R*D. The 1004 aggregated results (half of 2008 DYS) will be around at the weekend – in the meantime, you could always follow the ayips tag and vote in any polls you haven't.
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Just a short note to tell you that the delay of the July issue of the A Year In Pop Supplement is mostly due to lovely HOLS having been had. Now I'm home, and I hope to be able to post it (with a 1st demiyear roundup) in a few days, after manually updating my .xlses and also collecting my wits. No feah!
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June saw 19 top-seventyfive entries that didn't reach the Fab Forty (so far), not counting Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline", which also saw 11 weeks in 1971. It's all movie and tv tieins plus sixth singles this month apparently, so not as many proper videos to watch as normal. Still, please have your say as to the worth of these tracks...

[Poll #1223913]

Lil' Mama (55.6%) leads the May poll right in front of Hot Chip (50%), with The Feeling in third (33.3%). DISQUALIFICATION ROUNDUP (because I forgot to do it last month): Flo Rida's "Elevator", FOB's "Beat It", "No Air" obv, Kylie's "In My Arms" and Lil' Wayne's "Lollipop" (all April); Maddy's "Give It 2 Me" and Mariah's "Bye Bye (both May).

Next month, along with the July crop, we'll have the HALFTIME STANDINGS, with cheers and gnashings undoubtedly.
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Record crop again in May – 21 lowhitters, not including Crowded House's "Fall at Your Feet" which somehow got one week at #75 seventeen years after its first chart run (well even this week's #1 is three chartyears old innit?).

But then, it was a month of five Saturdays.

You probably know the drill by now; check out the vids if you want, ponder a bit, and tick what you deem tickworthy. Hurrah for depth!

[Poll #1203958]

*NOTE: OK this is confusing. Wikipedia sez this is the song from the musical Wicked, but who in the hell this "Kristen" is is still unresolved. To make up for the lack of the actual-single version, here's a Tony Awards performance, sung by one Idina Menzel along with a confusingly named Kristin.

Regarding April, The Lex can rejoice a bit about current scores for once – CASSIE is in the lead, alone above 50%, though not far ahead of Portishead, Kylie and Jordin & Chris (REËNTERING at 74 this week btw).
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There was a record number of 41-to-75ers in April; hopefully 20 alternatives isn't enough to induce poptimist fatigue. Also, quite a few of these tracks and acts have been listened to and discussed here recently, so go ahead, click the links optional, watch the vids optional and vote and talk away!

[Poll #1183488]
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The April edition of the Another Year In Pop Supplement, for singles hitting the Top 75 but not the Top 40, will be up later today. Of March's entries, the track with the most votes is the one by Some MGMT, but it is disqualified for later going as high as 35th place, along with will.i.am for his 8th. Leader so far is Sir Nick of the Cave, a bit before Addictive ft T2.

The Top Ten (ie eleven) so far this year, calculated by vote percentage, follows. If you haven't voted, follow the ayips tag, where you will find all the polls with mostly working youtube links to every song.

1. Vampire Weekend: A Punk (62.5%)
2. Girls Aloud: Theme to St Trinians (47.6%)
3. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds: Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! (46.4%)
4. Jennifer Lopez: Hold It, Don't Drop It (43.8%)
5. Addictive Featuring T2: Gonna Be Mine (39.3%)
6. Duffy: Rockferry (38.1%)
7. Bodyrox and Luciana: What Planet You On (33.3%)
8. Mutya Buena: B Boy Baby (28.6%)
=. BWO: Sunshine In The Rain (28.6%)
10. R.E.M.: Supernatural Superserious (25.0%)
=. Alicia Keys: Like You'll Never See Me Again (25.0%)

A couple of minor observations:
1) No track has got zero votes yet!
2) Of the three disqualified tracks, two (will.i.am and the Gnarls) have received a higher score in the regular polls than here, while the MGMT one has scored lower.
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January saw nine lowhitters (peaking at 41-75), and in February there were eight. In March there are nine plus eight equals SEVENTEEN non-smashes from such exotic locations as Jamaica, Sweden, Australia and Coventry. Click the YouTube links, witness the return of N Cave, Supergrass and the ironic OR IS IT? number one cover version, and vote vote vote as your ears see fit.

[Poll #1165087]

February was a weakish bunch, it seems -- Vampire Weekend and J-Lo were the ones standing out from the pack. Disqualified: Gnarls Barkley's "Run" for subsequently reaching #32. If you haven't voted in that poll and/or the January one, just follow the tag!
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It is now officially March, oh yes it is!, and therefore time for the second roundup of the year's Almost But Not Quite There hits. The rule against re-entries (esp those who have been in the Top 40 before) spares you "How You Remind Me"; this leaves EIGHT Feb entries so far peaking in the range 41-75, all tabulated below with links to Mr YouTube And His Sometimes Shonky Syncage.

[Poll #1144833]

In January's poll, community faves Girls Aloud are in the lead, with then future Number One act Duffy sharing second place with Bodyrox/Luciana, just in front of Mutya. Disqualified for subsequently entering the Top 40: none. Kat has very helpfully introduced the tag ayips for this series, voting will stay open.

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