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Let's wrap things up for another year, with two of my festive favourites and something (the Squeeze song) I only heard five minutes ago but wish I'd heard long ago.

Merry Christmas to all [livejournal.com profile] poptimists
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Here's the official video for the George Michael Christmas song that charted yesterday. Nice!

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From the sublime to the ridiculous. Here's a jolly tune from master satirist of the 1950s Stan Freberg* accompanied by a computerised Xmas light show. Mmmm, tasteful. I'm sure Stan would appreciate the sentiment (not).

*Freberg's "Green Chri$tma$" is one of the all-time great records. Check that out too.
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Most of you probably know the Jackson 5 Christmas LP from 1970 (with its definitive versions of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, "Up On the House Top" and so on).

Personally, however, I believe Michael Jackson's singing voice was never better than in the period 1972-73. This is when he mastered the art of expressing a broken heart. And fortunately for us, at the end of '73 he gave us a Christmas song on a heartbreak theme. Beautiful writing - quite complex for a pop song actually, probably aimed at the AOR audience that was lapping up Elton and Stevie Wonder at the time. Great vocal harmony support too from (I assume) the rest of the J5.

The video is a fan-made one from this year: plays up the more schmaltzy aspects of the song a bit too much but, still, it's not bad.
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VWORP-VWORP-VWORP HO HO HO - it's Dubstep Santa with a festive sub-woofer!

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As traditional as mince pies, the Queen's speech and Gaviscon tablets: it's H from Steps being kidnapped by an evil Snow Queen:

(I watch this every year and it just gets better and better)
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Helloween - White Christmas/I'll Be Santa Claus - the greatest German power metal band, with slightly Pogues-esque vocal delivery!

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Twisted Sister - marginally more low-maintainance than Destiny's Child, marginally more likely to belabour a joke.

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On day 5, Destiny's Child manage your expectations of what is an accetable gift for Destiny's Child. Wildly uneven spending patterns are fine, it seems, but they're probably not willing to just put a load of stuff on an Amazon wish list.

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We were going to save this one for a bit, but impatient Mr [livejournal.com profile] rechabite posted it in a comments thread yesterday (Watch out Lena: he probably knows in which wardrobe you've stashed his Christmas presents too!). So here is Bob "Bobby" Dylan's brilliant version of 'Must be Santa'.

This sure beats Tommy Steele's version (although I do have a soft spot for that one, kids' chorus notwithstanding). Listen out particularly for the bit where Bob lists the names of Santa's reindeer!
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...and our advent calendar takes a turn for the mawkish! Thanks Jessica and Ashlee.

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R2 D2 We Wish You A Merry Christmas - featuring one of Jon Bon Jovi's first vocal performances!!

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