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Jan. 10th, 2012 10:23 pm
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Wotcher chaps - apologies for the radio silence for the last week but hopefully you will have noticed your top 97 tracks of 2011 appearing over on Freaky Trigger!

Here are the links in case you missed them:


Thanks to everyone who voted!
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Wotcher dudes and happy new year! Thanks for sending in your Songs of 2011 - tracks #97-#51 are now up at Freaky Trigger for your delectation. More to follow later today!
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Hi dudes! I haven't quite finished the big spreadsheet of DOOM yet so if you've forgotten to send your top 20 tracks to poptimistspoll2010@gmail.com then do it NOW. More details here.
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Dudes! A quick reminder to send your top 20 songs of 2011 to poptimistspoll2010@gmail.com by the witching hour of 30th December! More info here.

In the meantime here is Girls Aloud with some festive cheer:

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*dusts off cobwebs*

RIGHT DUDES now is the time to make a list, check it twice, and send me your favourite songs of 2011!

  • Send up to 20 songs of 2011 to poptimistspoll2010@gmail.com* by 1am GMT on 31st 30th December (yes I am in the office that day and will need some distraction)

  • 'Songs of 2011' can mean songs released this year, or songs that emerged this year, or singles taken from a 2010 album released this year. To be honest I will be pretty lenient about the whole business so put whatever you like.

  • The order of your top 20 is important! Your #1 will be allocated more points than #20. If you can't think of 20 songs then 10 or 14 or 2 is just fine.

  • Bonus points may be awarded for emails with amusing subject lines.

  • You don't need to be a poptimists LJ member (or even have an LJ account!) to vote.

  • I'll post the results in the first week of January.

*Recycling emails is good for the environment!
**I am an idiot - 31st is a Saturday so I won't be in work...
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It's the Lex 20p indie poll!

(sorry for not posting it yesterday, I was busy shouting at people about Flo Rida)

[Poll #1776577]
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Better late than never! I forgot to check the OCC one week in June so apols if the best song ever has been missed off - bung it in the comments if so and I'll tack it on to July's poll. As far as I can work out it's been either Jason DeRulo, Example or Pitbull at #1 for the duration.

[Poll #1760000]

Feel free to post your Top 20 lists for 2011 in the comments!
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What happened in May, then? Well, at one point Lady Gaga had four tracks in the top 40 (but then so did Adele), Blue solidly outperformed Jedward chart-wise and several boring songs by awful dudes were at number one.

[Poll #1747218]
Lower reaches watch: Charlie out of Busted got to #65; Sweden, Denmark and Azerbaijan's Eurovision entries made the top 100 while Jedward got to #82; Glee mopped up pretty much all the remaining slots.

*Charted BEFORE their Eurovision appearance! That's loads better than poor old Josh Dubovie who didn't chart at all last year.
**Charity single that charted one place below the Black Eyed Peas' totally unrelated "Just Can't Get Enough"
***Any ideas?
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LMFAO finished April at the top of the charts, having spent the preceeding weeks at #3 and #2 behind J-Lo doing the Lambada. Between them they've chased Adele out of the top 10! Let's see what everyone else has been up to:

[Poll #1738288]

Remember you can still go back and tick in the previous monthly chart polls until the end of the year. To change your vote, click 'Poll #12345' then 'Fill Out Poll'.
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Adele's been on top for most of March, with a brief break last week to allow the Lead Pussycat to have a go being #1. Otherwise it's been pretty quiet compared to February!

[Poll #1723702]

* ????

Lower reaches watch: 'Regulate' got to #45 (RIP Nate), 'The Chain' popped in briefly at #81 for the new Formula 1 season, The Strokes' new single missed out on the top 40 and this week Miss 'R!B!' Rebecca Black makes it to #61!

February's poll saw Rihanna's sordid filth get a large proportion of the vote while The Vaccines did not get much love at all. Also two people ticked Noah and The Whale, which means that song is now in my head AGAIN. CHEERS GUYS.
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Cor, plenty of chart action this February! Get stuck into this month's tick fest underneath the cut...

[Poll #1711338]

*The Official Charts Company SCORN her dollar sign!
****POLITICS, y'know.

January's poll saw plenty of love for Adele and Martin Solveig, whereas it seems the Glee Cast have become totally Toxic, o-ho. It also seems that the Diddy Dirty Money album comes highly recommended by you lot - I can now add my voice to the throng despite not least because of the large amounts of ride cymbal on Last Train To Paris remind me of the first DJ Shadow album! Blimey!
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Good afternoon [livejournal.com profile] poptimists! Who fancies a mega-poll of all January's new entries?

[Poll #1671901]


Jan. 6th, 2011 04:09 pm
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The last bit of the poll countdown will go up tomorrow. As there's no new entries in the chart this week, let's have a poll about 2011!

[Poll #1664910]

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