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Missed #20-#11 yesterday? Here you go!

10-6 )

Tomorrow I'll post the Top 5 and some STAT CRUNCHING!
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Hello [livejournal.com profile] poptimists and a very happy new year to you all! Heidi's put her santa hat in the attic for another year and is bracing herself for being dropped for one of Girls Can't Catch all that 2011 has to offer!

Thanks to everyone who voted in this year's poll. Before I give away the first half of the top 20, here is your 3-day reminder to go back and tick the 2010 chart polls. Or untick, if you prefer! To change your vote, click on 'Poll #12345' and 'Fill Out Poll'. Do this before Friday 10am GMT, please!

OK then! Here are the first batch of results from You The Poptimists! Tom is counting down the top 100 combined Poptimists/FT votes over on Freaky Trigger, but these ones here are just you guys:

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Tune in tomorrow for #10-#6!
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Now the OCC top 100 says it's January already, however the poptimists week counter Lies Not and I say it is week #52. So time for the last chart poll of the year! Matt Cardigan is still at #1, Mariah is still squelching up and down like a dodgy turkey sandwich in the chart's oesophagus. Pretty quiet on the whole, but there is at least one excellent new entry which deserves ticking IMHO.

[Poll #1661902]

There's still time to:

i) go back and tick any past entries from this year's chart polls (click on 'Poll#12345' and 'Fill Out Poll' to change your votes). We'll tot up the figures in January and give you plenty of warning before the polls close.
ii) send in your top 20 lists by 1AM GMT ON DECEMBER 31st (i.e. before you go to bed tomorrow night if you're in the UK) to poptimistspoll2010@gmail.com! (Details here). Thanks to those punctual folks who have already submitted their lists! Get a move on the rest of you!
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Simon Cowell gets the Xmas #1 spot as predicted by everyone and their dog. Let's have a look at the penultimate entries for 2010, aka Stupid Week:

[Poll #1659188]

Remember to:

i) go back and tick any past entries from this year's chart polls (click on 'Poll#12345' and 'Fill Out Poll' to change your votes)
ii) send in your top 20 lists by the end of the year to poptimistspoll2010@gmail.com! (Details here)
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The Black Eyed Peas move their dirty bits up to #1, beating 9-year-old Willow Smith into second. Not much else is happening due to the big Wobs push next week, although as far as I can tell no actual pop stars are bothering to try and get the Xmas No.1 this year.

[Poll #1657173]
Oh-dear-where's-my-career watch: last year's X Factor winner Joe McElderry gets to #68, the Manics struggle up to #44 despite wh0ring themselves out all over telly for the last fortnight, Flo Rida doesn't manage much better at #42 and poor old Alesha drops out of the top 100 completely after just a week.

Is it 2011 yet watch: Chris Rea Drives Home For Christmas at #100 :(

Don't forget to email your top 20 tracks to poptimistspoll2010@gmail.com (details here)! Thanks to everyone who's sent their lists in so far. Don't worry about the FT poll being a different email address, you can use either. THINGS ARE ALL UNDER CONTROL.
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X Factor finalists are still at number one; Mariah and the Pogues are omitted from the poll (as per last year) seeing as they are now-established re-entry perennials (reannuals?) - recurring weeds that have pushed Alesha Dixon down to #46, oh dear.
[Poll #1653811]
Xmas lower reaches watch: Joining Wizzard in the top 100 this week we have Wham at #57, Slade at #59, Band Aid at #62 and Shakin' Stevens at #73.

Poptimists Reader's Poll 2010: email in your top 20 tracks in order of brilliance to poptimistspoll2010@gmail.com! Here's all the vital info. Don't be shy! Send us yr songs!
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OK dudes of course when I said this post would appear on Tuesday I obviously meant FRIDAY. Look, here's a picture of a dog dressed up as Lady Gaga to say sorry:

Right. Back to business! At last the time has come to submit your top songs of 2010!

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X Factor's Bowie cover is at #1 despite Wagner not appearing on it, Duffy's comeback single fails to crack the top 40 and the Gorillaz have put a donk on it.

[Poll #1650811]

Festive lower reaches watch: "All I Want For Christmas Is You" (#48) nips ahead of "Fairytale Of New York" (#51) for this year's Xmas re-entries (Wizzard are at #97). Brace yourselves though - "Chasing Cars" is at #94 and no-one has sung it on this year's X Factor yet.

End-of-year gubbins: tune in TOMORROW for details of the Poptimists 2010 vote. In the meantime *please* do go back and tick your favourites in the chart polls for this year. You have until January 1st 2011 to tick (or untick) anything you like. Your vote will make a difference, especially on 'drought' weeks where there aren't many ticks in total (there's some complicated sums behind this but trust me, 'don't like any' does make a difference). Let's look at the top songs from June again:

Halfway standings )
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Apologies for the extreme tardiness of this poll - I was on a BUSINESS TRIP, get me! JLS are in at #1 with this year's Children In Need track; some ancient band have squeezed into the top 40 after taking a zillion years to get their rights sorted out, with a song that only 9 people like anyway.

[Poll #1649541]

End of year watch: Next week it will be DECEMBER and the beginnings of the [livejournal.com profile] poptimists year-end polls. So there are two things to get cracking on:
- Go back and tick (or untick) anything in this year's chart polls (to change your vote, click on 'Poll #12345' then 'Fill Out Poll'). Do tick 'DON'T LIKE ANY' if you genuinely don't like any of the songs, it'll help the stats.
- Start compiling your top 10 songs of the year! We'll let you know where to send them as soon as we've decided next week. Feel free to use the comments below to plug any of your favourites that we might have missed!
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Rihanna fends off Robbie and the boys, the Black Eyed Peas are having the time of their life, and Ellie Goulding has done a twee cover for John Lewis.

[Poll #1644781]
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Sorry for the delay on this - my newly employed status means that daytime-LJ is sporadic. Apologies if there are any mistakes, I don't really have time to check properly! Anyway, Rihanna is the the only girl (in the world) at the top of the UK charts this week.

[Poll #1643194]

X Factor watch: as you can see above, Cher's efforts have meant the original has climbed up to #12 (I wonder where her cover would have reached if the mp3 was chart-eligible?).

Pop club watch: I will be DJing at the last ever Don't Stop Moving this Saturday! Come down for some banging top 40 chart action!
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A certain Geordie strumpet with unfeasibly bounteous hair is straight in at #1. No, it's not Jimmy Nail.

[Poll #1639748]

Lower reaches watch: Shakespear's Sister have turned up at #64 because of this, and those of you who predicted 5-9 vaguely Halloween-related choons in this week's top 100 have the right to feel rather smug (Ghostbusters, Monster Mash, Thriller, Monster + Beautiful Monster, and a song by the Wombats with 'Vampires & Wolves' in the title).
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Sorry this poll's a bit late! My quest for gainful employment has got in the way somewhat. Bruno Mars is at #1 thanks to Matt-in-the-Hat singing it on Kiss Factor last week, Cee-lo is down to #4 but I expect it'll pop straight back up again seeing as EVERYONE sang it on X Factor this week.

[Poll #1637016]

Lower reaches watch: party time for Jona Lewie whom is still in the kitchen at #81 thanks to an awesome Ikea advert!
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Cee-lo still at #1, Usher and BoB re-enter the top 40 with songs we've already polled this year.

[Poll #1632601]
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Cee-lo may be at #1 but he needs to wash his mouth out with soap and water! Oh, it looks like the Official Charts Company has already done it for him. Elsewhere on this week's chart: Prof Green releases the 4729856th song this year with the word 'monster' the title and Tinie Tempah has six tracks in the top 100. Er why not just buy the album, dudes?

[Poll #1630181]
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Tinie Tempah gets his second #1, Status Quo celebrate 25 years of one of their songs with a charity re-release, and the Wombats have been reading too much Stephanie Meyer. Oh and Frankie is the most memorable Saturday!

[Poll #1627487]

Remember you can go back and retick (or untick!) any of the songs in this year's chart polls. Just click on 'Poll #12345' then 'Fill Out Poll' to change your vote.
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Sorry for the lateness! I enjoyed my holiday so much that I forgot that music existed until today. Anyway, Bruno Mars is in at #1, the rest of the chart is full of talent show chancers (hiya N-Scherz!).

[Poll #1625396]

Argh, I forgot to put the 'don't like any' option in. Feel free to register your utter disgust at the contents of the poll in the Saturdays guessing box instead!
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Whoa, hey dudes, I totally forgot [livejournal.com profile] katstevens is on holiday! Here is yr chart poll.

[Poll #1620919]
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A-Burke at number one! That's four new #1s in as many weeks. What is this, 2001? Also plenty of stuff from TV talent shows in today's poll:

[Poll #1618230]

Thanks everyone who came to The Last Ever Poptimism on Friday (and thanks to anyone who attended over the last five-and-a-bit years)! A club is only as good as it's crowd, and you were very very awesome.

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