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It's been a long twelve months in the charts - SIX different Lady Gaga singles, plenty of female singer-songwriters scuffling for Elbow room among the X Factor graduates, more electro-grime than we could shake a glowstick at. But what did YOU LOT think of it all?

2009 Chart Poll top 50! )

As for the 2010 chart polls, I decree that the weekly polls will continue, but the 'NOT HEARD ANY' box will disappear. I will try and do regular monthly round-ups of the top 100 but I'm not promising anything :) As there was only one new entry this week, I'll tack it on to Monday's poll.
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The GBP has spoken. But where do [livejournal.com profile] poptimists stand? Let's do it. (NB: this is my first ever attempt to do a poll, so I hope I haven't screwed up)

[Poll #1501728]
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Lady Gaga moves up to #1 after last week's bathtub antics on X Factor (well done Joe btw!) but Janet Jackson can only manage #73 thanks to her lack of obvious plumbing on stage and a rubbish song. Elsewhere it's slim pickings for new entries this week as everyone saves up all their festive eggs for next week's Christmas No.1 basket.

[Poll #1498782]

Lower reaches watch:

Number of old christmas songs in the top 40: 3
Number of old christmas songs in the top 100: 10
Number of Lady Gaga songs in the top 100: 5

Reminder: You have until lunchtime tomorrow to vote in heat #3 of 2004. After this week the decade polls will be taking a break for Christmas (the spreadsheet is staying firmly in the office!) but there'll be some end-of-year voting madness to replace it :)
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Peter Kaye and Bob the Builder still at number 1, Kid Sister enters at #97, the Christmas silly season begins once more (Mariah and the Pogues make it into the top 40 AGAIN). Luckily Heidi still has her Santa hat kicking around the back of the wardrobe.

[Poll #1495697]


  • You have until tomorrow to vote in Heat #1 of 2004 - it's pretty close for 5th place at the moment so get repping!

  • You have until January 4th to go back and vote (or change your votes) in any of the 2009 chart polls. Here's how the top 30 looked in September - since then Shakira and Rihanna have moved into the top 5, but can anyone knock Lily off the top spot?

  • Bored poptimists are alerted as to the existence of the Popjustice 2009 Readers' Poll. That should kill a few minutes.

  • Baffled poptimists may wish to take a punt on which of the BBC's Sound of 2010 shortlist dudes will prove to be most annoying next year (and who has the stupidest name - my vote goes to 'Joy Orbison').
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    Peter Kay and chums climb up to the number one spot; double entry for Su-Bo; absent-minded moderator finally remembers to include ancient re-entry in poll three weeks late.

    [Poll #1492336]

    Nominations for the 2004 poll close at 5pm on Thursday. Please comment with your nominations on the original post, not this one!
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    The X Factor Finalists tug at the nation's heartstrings (double-whammy of i) sick children ii) recently-ish dead popstar) for some ultra-guaranteed #1 action.

    [Poll #1489232]

    Heat #8 reminder: tomorrow lunchtime is the deadline for voting in the last poll of 2003. With only one clear leader, the other 4 places are pretty much up for grabs so go and vote for MES and his The Falls!
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    Black Eyed Peas beat Leona to #1 - news which has rocked the OCC to its very core i.e. they haven't updated their site yet this morning so we'll have to make do with slightly unreliable Yahoo Music instead (apols for duplications/omissions etc).

    [Poll #1486190]

    Reminder! You have roughly 24 hours to vote in Heat #6 of 2003, where Missy, Lumidee, Benassi and Blur are all battling it out for the last two qualification spots. Don't forget to put your new favourite in the text box!
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    JLS are straight in at the top. They seem like well-behaved young gentlemen, don't they?

    [Poll #1482869]

    *Looking at who's left in the competition, maybe this is the first year ever this isn't a dead cert?

    Reminder: You have until tomorrow afternoon to vote in Heat #4 of 2003 - at the moment there's an exciting tie for 5th place between Dizzee and Will. Don't forget to pick your best new track as well!
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    Cheryl's got the number one single AND album now, but there was only ONE picture of her in Friday's London Lite and NO pictures at all in the Evening Standard. Pull yr publicity socks up, Cheryl!

    [Poll #1479756]

    Halloween lower reaches watch: Thriller at 43, Ghostbusters at 57, Monster Mash at 61 Evanescence at 97.

    2009 reckoning: Remember to go back and tick (or untick!) songs in all the previous chart polls this year so we can put together our [livejournal.com profile] poptimists chart entries of 2009 list in December (see chart poll results from 2008 and 2007 here and here). Look out for info about the 2009 Reader's Poll coming up soon!

    Poll reminder: You have until tomorrow lunchtime to vote in Heat #2 of 2003 and pick your best new track to earn an extra tick in Heat #3.
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    Chezza gets the first GA solo #1; electro/grime kids yodel for charity; someone sings an old Xtina song on the telly. It must be Monday!

    [Poll #1476517]

    (There's still a few hours to nominate songs for 2003.)
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    Bumper crop of new entries this week, led by Ms Burke who beats Robbie to #1.

    [Poll #1473227]

    Nominations for 2003 begin tomorrow!
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    Chipmunk squeezes past the Saturdays to grab the top spot.

    [Poll #1469841]

    You have until tomorrow to vote in Heat #7 of 2002 - can Jimmy Eat World catch up the Sugababes? Will DB Boulevard overtake Shy FX in the run-off? It's UP TO YOU, dear poptimists. Don't forget to fill in your new favourite from the list to earn an extra tick in Heat #8.

    (apols if you've seen this twice - I messed up the previous poll)
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    Taio Cruz might not have won any MOBO awards last week but he's still sitting pretty at the top of the charts. It's not a good Monday morning for the Backstreet Boys though - their new single about vampires has only made it to no. 72 :(

    [Poll #1466732]

    Heat #6 of 2002 will be up tomorrow! After 2002 is over I'm going to start going through them a bit quicker so we get at least halfway through the decade before 2010...
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    Taio's still on top, meanwhile new Sugababe Jade ties up the loose ends of her solo career.

    [Poll #1463533]

    Reminder 1! You are encouraged to go back and vote in any of this year's chart polls. If you've changed your mind about something or have only just realised how awesome it is, click on 'Poll #12345' then 'Fill Out Poll' to change your vote.

    Reminder 2! You've got until tomorrow lunchtime to vote in heat #4 of 2002, where Nelly is running away with things as expected, but there are only two votes in it between No Doubt, The Rapture, J-Lo and Liberty X for that vital fifth place.

    Reminder 3! This Friday it is POPULAR, a special Poptimism where the playlist consists of All Number One Records All The Time! Free entry, 7-late, upstairs @ Horse Bar in Waterloo. If you ask nicely we will play the first 30 seconds of 'Spaceman' by Babylon Zoo!
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    Yo Taylor, imma real happy for you, but Taio Cruz has the best selling single of the week...

    [Poll #1460443]

    Reminder: You've got until tomorrow lunchtime to vote in Heat #2 of 2002, where Nelly & Kelly are tied for 5th with Garbage (closely followed by Stush, Pink and the White Stripes), and the Cheeky Girls are yet to break their duck. THIS IS LIFE.
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    The festival season is over and the music industry is officially back from holiday as we have FOUR new entries in the top ten! Pixie manages to beat the others to the top spot, meanwhile U2's ongoing battle regarding thinking up original song titles continues...

    [Poll #1457309]

    Remember you can go back and change your answers to any of the previous chart polls for this year - click on the tag '2009', then click 'Poll #123456' then 'Fill Out Poll'.
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    Jigga deals with his North London problems well enough to beat Heidi & Co to the top spot.

    [Poll #1454305]

    Do feel free to go back and change your ticks on any of this year's chart polls - voting will remain open on all of them until the end of the year. Here's how they're shaping up so far...

    It's all about fast cars and cussing each other )

    Reminder: You have until Friday to nominate tracks for the 2002 heats - please comment on the nomination post over here so they don't go missing. I'll post up a list of noms so far on Tuesday.
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    Hello, this is a bit late because I am an idiot and also I was busy resigning.

    [Poll #1451695]
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    Another number one for David Guetta - this time it's Akon helping him out.

    [Poll #1448129]

    REMINDER: Tomorrow the 2000s polls resume with a vengeance - you have until tomorrow lunchtime to make up your mind about Wyclef and Andrew WK. Remember, if it's a tie then I get the deciding vote...
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    [Poll #1444911]

    Yes, this is a repost; I got rid of the original poll because I found some Wi-Fi and had forgotten Jeremih.

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