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I refuse to join the rest of you stinkin' hippies over at Dreamwidth (not until I've consistently used Tumblr, anyway) so someone can x-post if they like. Or you could have a 2p Young Person's God Help Us If There's A War Prize. Whatever.

It is time for nominations to this year's highly-sought-after Lex 20p Indie Prize.

1. Frankly, no one knows how serious we're being about which (if any) of the parts of this. POP FACT: no one ever has. It is roughly true that if anyone ever creates a metric, it will stop being at all fun.
2. Acts nominated should be British and indie and have released something in the last year. If you could nominate a recent work by them (Eg: The Emo One Out Of Busted- My First Emo EP) then that would be quite useful.
3. We used to play the winner at Poptimism but we don't have a club night anymore and I don't know if Mason and Taylor will stand for This Sort Of Thing. However, we will make sure that we post them 20p with a commemorative certificate and err, maybe we'll all liveblog listening to it on Spotify or something? We'll work a thing out.

[Poll #1766864]

We can also discuss the fact there seem to be literally three or four listenable things on the Mercury shortlist if you would rather.

Edit: younger readers who do not know Lex may be unaware of his work; not only is he our longstanding chum [livejournal.com profile] alexmacpherson but also a real actual music journalist, a few of his recent pieces for the Graun covered homophobia in hip hop, Cher Lloyd's ambitions and Liechtenstein's disco scene.
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